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Most bloggers are seeing tremendous changes in traffic to their blog posts due to changes in the Google Algorithm, most recent being the Google Hummingbird update.  Here is a quick SEO analysis of three blog posts on ActiveRain and how traffic has varied dramatically based on the quality of the c...
Blogging & SEO changed dramatically in 2013 due to Google's Hummingbird search algorithm update.  Core changes to Blogging Post Hummingbird Update are critical to driving search traffic. Kerrie wrote a great blost this morning describing the ActiveRain blog posts with the most comments in 2013.  ...
I saw this cool exercise on LinkedIn on James Raybould's blog.  I am not sure if I believe it, but a quick scan of the Internet says that the word(s) you see first say a lot about your personality. What words do you see first?  Leave your word in the comments section below.
Kris, Kerrie and Bob asked me to pen a blog post on ActiveRain and (hopefully) add some perspective on the incredible amount that has been invested into ActiveRain by Market Leader and Trulia over the past year.   All this work has culminated with a professional design, new SEO architecture for t...
This is the first time, at least in my recollection, when my birthday has fallen so closely to Thanksgiving.  It is only appropriate for me to give thanks on my 40th birthday.   Here is a short list of some of the blessings that I count on a such a special day in my life.  Thank you everyone for ...

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