louann nudi: 7414 San Casa Drive, Englewood Florida 34224 - 05/26/07 11:06 AM
Calling all fishermen and their families! This rental is for you!  Plenty of room for your big boat and trailer here! Plus you are just minutes away from several boat ramps into Lemon Bay (the Intracoastal Waterway) and some of the best Charlotte County, Florida fishing around!
7414 San Casa Drive is offered for an annual or seasonal rental. Rates are reasonable. If you are into cozy, casual living, close to the water, then this home is for you. The home can be rented fully furnished as you see it or unfurnished. You decide. Pet friendly with a large, corner lot yard, … (3 comments)

louann nudi: 6172 Grandeur Street, Englewood Florida 34224 - 05/26/07 10:20 AM
Nicely situated high on a corner lot, this East Englewood, Florida home has much to offer the active family looking for an annual rental. Plenty of parking plus room for a a big boat, RV and/or jet skis you'll have all your favorite Florida toys close by. No deed restrictions here!
Also enjoy the extra storage shed for your water accessories, tools or other fun stuff. Great fishing and skiing spots are nearby just off the coast of Manasota Key, Gasparilla Island, Don Pedro Island or Boca Grande. 
Your outdoor patio is perfect for barbecueing and lounging around on a lazy Sunday afternoon in Englewood. And … (0 comments)

louann nudi: Jump on This One! Great Annual Rental Value in Englewood, Florida - 05/22/07 03:26 PM


louann nudi: Enchanting & Cozy Florida Beach Hide-A-Way on Casey Key - 05/22/07 02:39 PM
Relatively undiscovered, Casey Key, Florida is just the place to kick back and relax. Casey Key is the barrier island just off the gulf coast of Nokomis, Florida. Nokomis is south of Sarasota and north of Venice. A small town with enormous potential! Still a beach cottage environment...that hasn't "grown up" yet...you need to visit while it is still unspoiled and natural.
This enchanting beach hide-a-way is nestled amongst the swaying palms and just waiting for you to arrive! From the moment you walk through the gate of the private courtyard, you will be charmed into extending your stay.
The Welcoming Garden is … (5 comments)

louann nudi: Gulfcoast renters are getting more for their $$$$$ - 05/19/07 01:56 PM
RealFacts research firm has compiled the following data for rentals in the areas that I service for property management.
According to the study, monthly apartment rents in the Manatee, Sarasota and Venice markets averaged $973 for the first quarter of 2007. This represents a 3.5% increase over the same reporting period in 2006.
The greater market area of Manatee and Sarasota counties is the third most expensive in the state of Florida behind Naples and Miami.  Apartment occupancy rates at an average of 91.5% were down 3.5% over the same reporting period in 2006. 
The Englewood area was not included in this study due to … (2 comments)

louann nudi: Case Study: FAIR OR FOUL? - 05/17/07 10:45 AM
Having lunch today in Venice, Florida at Sharkey's On the Pier, a rather large group of gregarious REALTORS got on the subject of how much our local Board of Realtors dues had gone up over last year.
Many feel that the increase is due to the decline in the number of REALTORS who renewed their annual dues, others feel that they are being gouged. 
I happen to feel it was time for the dues to go up, even though I don't like paying more for anything. It is logical for increases to happen just to keep pace with overhead costs, etc.
All inclusive annual … (3 comments)

louann nudi: When Your Hut's on Fire! - 05/17/07 09:33 AM
I just finished reading and commenting on an inspiring "true-life" post by Maggie Dokic that should help many of us continue to have faith in our choice to maintain our status as a REALTOR.  Read it and you'll see.  The life and times of a REALTOR are challenging enough without drastic economic changes impacting our market places. Today, our profession is more challenged than ever with markets declining and continued negative press. 
Even the Real Estate Giants, who appear above the risk range, are reporting sharp concern for the negative impacts to their business. 
For Maggie and for all of us, I share this comforting story that appeared recently … (6 comments)

louann nudi: Ride your bike to beautiful Manasota Key, Englewood Florida - 05/12/07 07:04 AM
Beachside Rental home new on the market! Just minutes from the Intracoastal Waterway and Manasota Key.  Ride your bike or walk to the beach.................
This fresh and bright 3BR/2Ba is just a bike ride away from the beautiful barrier island of Manasota Key and it's 7 miles of beaches! You are also close to historic downtown Englewood and a fast commute to I-75. This home has an artful floorplan that is larger than it looks on from the outside. You will enjoy the semi-private backyard along with a Tiki Bar that will stay for the renter's enjoyment. Enjoy spending lots of time … (0 comments)

Why is it that you can get right down to the day before closing and still have a hiccup in the lender process?
I just don't get it. Here's an example of what I mean and maybe somebody can tell me why the consumer (both the buyer and the seller, actually) must suffer through a lender's inability to do their job with an eye for detail, accuracy and down right pride in providing excellent service to their customers. (Not all of them, mind you, but enough are deficient in these areas that this example happens quite often!)
Here's the example:
Information on … (6 comments)

louann nudi: Case STudy: SELLER BEWARE ?? - 05/11/07 11:50 AM

Mortgage Wizard: "I see by your ad on Craig's List that you are selling your home on your own. Your ad says it is priced way below the appraisal value, that's too bad, but I think I can help you out."
Florida FSBO Seller: "Well that would be great. Are you going to buy my house?"
Mortgage Wizard: "Well, let me explain...I am a mortgage broker who has made a great living over the past several years doing mortgages for people.  My mortgage business has really slowed down, so I have gotten together a large group of investors who are buying properties.  I … (28 comments)

louann nudi: The sky is falling...the sky is falling! - 05/08/07 01:21 PM
Showing property early today took on a whole new dimension.
As I left my home to venture out to my first appointment, I realized that today was going to call for some unusual real estate gear.
With all the smoke from the Georgia and Florida wild fires being blown over southwest Florida today, even those of us in Englewood experienced ASH SHOWERS early in the day.  Yes, small particles of ash were falling from the sky and accumulating on our cars and making it hard to breath. Stinky too!  I had flashbacks to Mt. St. Helen's! I had to protect my customers!
So, back into the … (1 comments)

louann nudi: TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! Does anybody really care? - 05/08/07 12:34 PM
TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! A while back I posted information on a closing that took 3 years to happen. Today an agent told me their own horror story about a closing that took 2 years and another that was dragged out 3 months due to misunderstandings. 
I'm currently working with a customer who has suffered through one failed closing (which luckily we accepted an offer on the next day after posting a classified ad on Craig's List! Woo-hoo!) to jump into another that is 60 days past the original contract closing date (Boo-hoo!).
What's the record here for delayed closings? Is 3 … (5 comments)

louann nudi: 8 Weeks old and 20lbs Already! Baby Huey Arrives! - 04/30/07 05:58 AM

Saturday night, Baby Huey flew in from the Shadow Hill Kennel breeders in Missouri by way of a two hour lay over in Dallas. What a trip he had!
Thankfully, he came from reputable breeders who had treated him extremely well his first eight weeks of life.  He is big and strong and healthy.  Thankfully, the Dallas airport cargo employees treated him to water and two hours of cooing and petting.  We know this because, like expectant parents, we were concerned for his safety and well-being during the long and potentially traumatic travel day--SO WE CALLED! We had never flown an animal anywhere and … (5 comments)

louann nudi: Got Vacant Homes? Can't Flip 'Em? - 04/22/07 10:24 AM
The vacation rental inventory in the local Florida market (from Casey Key to Boca Grande) for both annual and seasonal rentals along the coast line has sky-rocketed over the last couple of months.  Luckily, the demand for seasonal cottages, condos, villas and single family homes is quite high as well.  Visitors are seeing fantastic deals on rental accomodations along the coast right now.
Europeans and South American visitors generally come to Florida during the summer months with our traditional US visitors still flocking to the Florida coastline in winter.  I need more inventory to keep up with the demand, especially for seasonal rentals that … (1 comments)

louann nudi: Case Study: Closing day SQUEEZE? What would you call it? - 04/10/07 09:29 AM
Buyer and Seller have a a fairly amiable relationship throughout the initial stages of the transaction. Unfortunately, the transaction does not close in 30 days as agreed. The closing date is extended for an additional 20 days and then another additional 15 days to allow the Buyer to obtain his (100%) financing.
Finally, approved for his 100% loan, the closing date is set. Both parties receive the HUD a day in advance. No issues are raised....everything appears to be in order.  Both parties arrive for closing at the same time.  Outside the building, the Seller greets the Buyer with extended arm and … (7 comments)

louann nudi: Who's on your AR MOXIE list? - 09/17/06 02:41 PM
These were cut and pasted from thefreedictionary.com just so we are all on the same page for this blog. 
My family uses the word MOXIE all the time, but many people I know have never heard of the word.  My family has used this word for as long as I can remember to describe a person who is determined in spite of severe challenges.  I love the word and its meaning....to me, the word itself has the feeling of a determined spirit and strength.  Anyway, MOXIE isn't hard to find, but not everyone has it. In my opinion, most people who have it, are … (6 comments)

louann nudi: The only time it's good to say......I've got GAS! - 09/16/06 07:48 AM
Wow! my husband and I were traveling across state last week and were thrilled to see the price of gas!  We didn't hesitate to stop and fill up when we saw $2.38 in Okeechobee!  Here are some of the other prices that we encountered..........
Englewood $2.55 down from $2.87
Sarasota $2.39 down from $2.95
Jupiter $2.58 down from $3.01
Arcadia $2.60 down from $2.84
Englewood, Florida is largely a tourist area with many of our seasonal residents concerned about previously escalating gas prices.  Many of them have been in contact with us lately indicating that reduced gas prices may result in earlier trips to our area … (3 comments)

louann nudi: Fractional Ownership 4 Real Estate...like a timeshare BUT NOT! - 09/10/06 01:13 PM
Fractional Ownership has come to our area!  Seems like our undiscovered coastline is growing up or at least Anna Maria Island is!  The De Soto Grande on Anna Maria Island is offering 8 waterfront fractional ownership residences ranging in price from $196,000 to $215,000.  The company developing the property has plans for another on Lido Key.  Seems they have done their research and are banking on its success!
According to Nichole L. Reber, a news correspondent for the Herald Tribune, "each unit has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and views of the village of Anna Maria and/or the water (either the gulf or the bay).  … (1 comments)

louann nudi: PETS RULE! - 09/09/06 12:14 PM
 ( I know animated pictures on AR are not everyone's favorite, and I promise not to post them often, but I just couldn't resist this cute little guy.  Doesn't he just make you smile and help you let the stress melt away?  PETS RULE! )
REALTORS like many other professionals, often times have difficulty relaxing after a long day's work.  Many times, the stress of making or not making a deal can just about push you over the edge........ if you let it. 
It is a proven fact that pets help to relieve stress. Growing up amongst the dusty corn fields of … (4 comments)

louann nudi: What a SUPRA idea! - 09/09/06 11:37 AM
As you can probably tell by my last blog, I have been doing some research on closing gift ideas. After having dinner with a few REALTORS today, it became clear that everyone is feeling like their creativity is zapped!  Especially when it comes to doing something a little different for closing gifts this year. 
                                                                Well, I found a SUPRA idea!
Now many of you who have been in the business longer than me may already know this, but I'm willing to bet that you are in the minority. 
Supra offers permanent style keyboxes for the homeowner. In easy push-button or spin-dial … (2 comments)

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