mortgage: 12 Days of Christmas Video - Mortgage Edition - 12/18/09 09:08 AM
Merry Christmas my Active Rain Friends!  It's a humourous 12 days of Christmas with a Mortgage twist reflecting events of the year...
The leadoff man is the former President of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers, Marc Savitt.
Enjoy, and feel free to pass it along.
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mortgage: Arizona FHA Mortgage Loans and the First Time Home Buyer - Credit Tips! - 07/27/09 11:51 AM
First Time Home Buyers are experiencing an opportunity like never before.  And HUD's FHA Mortgage Loan is the primary financing tool for the majority of First Time Home Buyers in Arizona.
Today's Arizona Real Estate market has many deep discounts and Tucson FHA Mortgage Loans is positioned to be the financing tool of choice.
"Real Estate in Tucson and the rest of Arizona is CHEAP!  It's like being in K-Mart and the Blue Light is flashing!" FHA Mortgage Loans allow for low down payment and here are some credit tips for First Time Home Buyers...
Read the full story at Tucson … (3 comments)

mortgage: USDA Rural Home Loans have many advantages over FHA or Conventional financing - 01/20/09 04:15 PM
USDA Rural Home Loans offer many advantages over either FHA Mortgage Loans or Conventional Home Loans. Here is a brief summary of advantages of the USDA Rural Home Loan.
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mortgage: Could Down Payment Assistance Be Coming Back For FHA Mortgage Loans - 01/20/09 01:56 AM
Down Payment Assistance has been a big part of FHA Mortgage Loans for the last 10+ years for First Time Home Buyers. In October 2008 Congress eliminated the Down Payment Assistance Program eligibility for FHA Home Buyers.
Good News for First Time Home Buyers!
Rep. Al Green of AL will be introducing HR-600 on 1-21-09 to save and reform Down Payment Assistance for FHA Mortgage Loan eligibility.
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mortgage: USDA Rural Home Loan information request form up and running - 12/18/08 12:49 AM
I just updated the USDA Rural Development Home Loans web site to include an information request form.  Now you can check to see if your property is located within an eligible area for USDA Rural Home Loans by filling out this form.
USDA Rural Development Info Request
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mortgage: USDA Rural Home Loan Qualifying And Repayment Income - 12/18/08 12:44 AM
USDA Rural Home Loan qualifying uses two different income types to determine qualification for the USDA Rural Home Loan. In the previous post we discussed Adjusted Household Income and in this post we will discuss what the USDA Rural Home Loan qualifies as Repayment Income.
The USDA considers Gross Income and Repayment Income as the same thing and is used in determining if you can afford the payment by looking at a DTI Ratio (debt to income).
Read the full story at: USDA Rural Home Loan Repayment Income includes:
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mortgage: When 100 BILLION Dollars isn't good enough for a Fed Bailout! - 10/06/08 10:53 AM

mortgage: FHA Secure Short Refinance Options When You Are Upside Down On Your House - 09/22/08 03:15 AM
When you owe more than your home is worth and you need an FHA Secure Short Refinance, there are typically three outcomes.  Your FHA Secure Short Refinance options will depend upon the negotiations with your current mortgage lender.
Short Refinance Write Down - This is the option of preference.  The existing lender simply writes off the amount that can be refinanced into the FHA Secure Short Refinance. FHA Secure Refinance with subordinate financing - In many cases the existing lender will accept a secondary lien in the amount that the payoff is short.  FHA Secure Short Refinance with a partial unsecured … (6 comments)

mortgage: USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Home Loan MAP for Yuma CITY - 08/25/08 05:20 AM
I just posted the Yuma County Map so here is the more detailed Yuma City USDA Rural Home Loan Map.  The areas outside of the red boundary qualify for USDA Rural Development Home Loans.  Please feel free to print it as a reference.  The majority of the Yuma City area is eligible for USDA Rural Guaranteed Home Loans. 


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mortgage: Please Welcome My Friend David Kuiper To ActiveRain - 08/04/08 09:24 AM

Hey everybody... please welcome David Kuiper to the ActiveRain Community.  David is a leader in the mortgage world, an inspiration to other originators and a pretty nice guy and someone to know in Michigan.
I first saw David on the big stage in Las Vegas teaching an outstanding session regarding creating systems for referral partner success.
Check out David's profile here and his website

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mortgage: FHA Loan Impact From The Housing Bill That Just Passed Yesterday! - 07/24/08 03:42 AM
The House passed the Housing Bill yesterday with the primary goal of providing a safety net to GSEs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and will have an impact on the FHA Loan.
However there are some other important bits to the housing bill.
It will allow The FHA to guarantee up to $300,000,000 (that's 3 hundred billion) for homeowners in financial straights to refinance their mortgage into the FHA Secure Short Refinance Loan.  In most instances the current lender would have to take a short payoff to allow for the FHA Short Refinance.  In other cases the current lender would take a … (9 comments)

mortgage: How Much Down Payment Do I Need To Buy Rural Real Estate? - 07/16/08 04:44 AM
One of the best things about the UDSA Rural Real Estate Loan is that it allows people with low to moderate income to qualify to buy real estate in a rural designated area for zero down payment. 
Nothing Down...
No money out of pocket at all to get a USDA Rural Real Estate Loan... well, almost no money out of pocket!
You see, the average out of pocket to buy rural real estate in Arizona with the USDA Loan program is $158.70. 
You really can buy Real Estate in Arizona with No Money Down, you just have to find the right … (0 comments)

mortgage: So What Exactly Is An FHA Secure Short Refinance? - 07/11/08 02:53 AM
Hi I'm Paul Dunn, Tucson's #1 FHA Mortgage Loan Originator and I am constantly getting the question "What is an FHA Secure short refinance".  A Short Refinance is a transaction where the current lender forgives debt in order to complete the transaction. 
Here's a real life example:  (very simplified)
Let's say you bought your home at a market peak for $450,000 and you still owe $425,000.  Since the time you bought your home, the market values have been dropping steadily and a similar home in your neighborhood just sold for $350,000.  You bought your home on an adjustable rate mortgage that is getting … (4 comments)

mortgage: So What Is A USDA Rural Home Loan? - 07/10/08 08:16 AM
When you think of USDA I know the first thing you think is HOME LOAN FINANCING!  Right?  Actually, if you're like most Americans you probably think of Milk, Cows, Pigs, Corn, Farms and a beautiful farm house.  Anything but mortgages.
Rural, really isn't all that rural.  Here is a picture of a farm, and you'd have to go to Farmer Mac to finance it.
A USDA Rural Home Loan is designed to help families in areas that are "designated" as rural to get into a home with zero money down!  In Arizona the average cash out of pocket to buy a … (0 comments)

mortgage: FHA Mortgage Loans Get Updated Mortgage Insurance Premiums - 07/10/08 08:00 AM
This just in... FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums are going to CHANGE effective July 14, 2008.  The change is designed to shift the burden of the FHA Mortgage Insurance costs to the higher risk borrowers.  Basically, borrower characteristics showing the highest instance of default will pay higher premiums and vice-versa. 
FHA Mortgage Loans where the borrower has a 680+ score will actually pay a little less for the up front mortgage insurance premium.
I'll post a chart once I have it in my hands.
Paul DunnTucson's #1 FHA Mortgage Loan Originator

mortgage: How To Buy Bank Owned REPO Real Estate - 06/30/08 11:50 AM
The Bank Owned REPO Real Estate market continues to grow. Many of my clients have had questions about how to buy Bank Owned property and how to Finance Bank Owned Real Estate in Tucson with FHA Mortgage Loans. So I made a video...and in the video show them the 5 ways to buy Bank Owned REPO Property including the FHA $100 Down Repo Loan and the 203K FHA Rehab Loan. I also provide information on how to find a Realtor who specializes in this type of transaction.
To view the video at it's original source Click Here
Paul Dunn Tucson's … (3 comments)

mortgage: Insider Secret - How to get the BEST Mortgage Rate In Any Market - 06/23/08 06:49 PM
Have you ever wondered how to get the best mortgage rate in ANY market?  Watch this short 3 minute video and I'll share with you the #1 industry insider secret on how to get the best rate in any market...
Click Here and see the video right now!
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mortgage: FHA Mortgage Loans are HOT - But Rural Home Loans Are Realtor Gold - 05/28/08 07:11 PM
You know me, I'm Tucson's #1 FHA mortgage loan guy and I'll usually blog about some great news coming out of HUD or talk about the recent changes to the FHA Secure short refinance.
But the hotest loan out there that is creating transactions for Realtors and helping Real Estate Agents put cash in the bank is the Rural Home Loan.
Here's a short, LESS than 3 minute, video I put together to help my Realtor friends.  I only do these in Arizona so if you need assistance or would like a copy of The Realtor's Guide To Converting Turn-Downs into … (5 comments)

mortgage: FHASecure short sale refinance helps 200,000 families get out of bad loans - 05/22/08 02:19 AM
The FHA Secure mortgage loan, sometimes called the FHASecure Short Sale Refinance, has just helped it's 200,000th homeowner get out of a bad mortgage loan.
The popularity of FHA loans and the FHA Secure mortgage loan is really picking up steam as during the first six months of the program HUD only funded 100,000 of these loans.  During the last 3 months FHA Secure mortgage loans have made up an additional 100,000 fundings.
Paul DunnTucson's #1 FHA Mortgage Loan Resource

mortgage: Dangerous Legislation Threatening Originators, Agents and Appraisers - PLEASE RESPOND - 04/28/08 11:16 AM
This is an email that has been posted in the LTB forum and is very appropriate for the Activerain community...  Please read and I urge you to follow the link and submit your opposition to this potential legislation...The reason for this memo, a regulatory call to action, deals with a nearly silently adopted regulation which could very well be the most dangerous restriction ever placed on the mortgage industry. It literally threatens to eliminate mortgage brokers almost overnight. We have to act now to stop it, because the commentary period on the proposed regulation ends this Wednesday.  (APRIL 30th)The new regulations … (1 comments)

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