denver real estate: Denver #1 Per Corcoran on TODAY MSNBC - 05/21/09 12:52 AM
I metioned Lawrence Yun's comments yeaterday and today have links to his slides and highlights of his presentation.
Also, in the same article at I have included a link to the MSNBC Today show segment where Barbara Corcoran states Denver is the number 1 city poised for recovery.
She is not my favorite analyst but other cities, Austin, Seattle, Raleigh and San Francisco are also mentioned favorably. Take a peak.

denver real estate: Denver is set up for a Seller's Market - 11/19/08 10:35 AM
WOW! Have you noticed that prices have started to firm up! We are seeing multiple offers on 1 out of 3 homes. It is amazing! See

denver real estate: Sales UP in Denver - 10/17/08 12:45 AM
Well if the previous note about new listings being the predictor of future sales did not work for you, take a look at Denver's closings in September. We have seen an activity that is very strong in the month of September, and the reader needs to remember that Real Estate is still probably the best investment for its stability and appreciation. Call or drop me a note if we can help you or yours or just stop by for some good information and advice

denver real estate: New CHART of Denver Listings - 04/28/08 05:02 AM
Over 1000 fewer single family homes entered the Denver Real estate market in March.
Take a look here to see what has changed

denver real estate: 20% drop in Denver Listings! - 04/24/08 12:31 AM
My last post not even a wimper!
WOW! I am shocked. But taking 20% of the new listings off the market, out of the Denver Real Estate market, what could that mean? Check my post at

denver real estate: Can Sellers make Mistakes? Or is it just their Broker's Fault - 03/29/08 02:23 AM
Every day professionals (those who make their fulltime living selling real estate) see mistakes that sellers make in the name of saving a buck. Here is one:
Failing to Provide Easy Access for Showings
Accessibility is a major key to profitability.  Appointment-only showings are the most restrictive, while a lock box is the least.  However there are certain considerations to take into account:  your lifestyle, time frame for the desired sale and the relationship with your agent.  The more accessible your home is, the better the odds of finding a person willing to pay your asking price.  You never know if the one … (0 comments)

denver real estate: Price My Home to Sell - 03/27/08 12:36 AM
Yesterday I posted an article about how a valuation is established for pricing your home in Denver.
Take a look at and comments are always appreciated, but not always posted.

denver real estate: Do you love Denver Real Estate? How about Highlands Ranch? - 03/24/08 03:59 AM
I just posted an insightfull post at about some recent personal observations.
Personality, style, and some free form comments on humor & life as a denver real estate agent since 1985.

denver real estate: 12 Most Common Mistakes Buyers Make - 03/19/08 12:04 AM
Just posted at are 12 common, frustrating, time consuming, and costly mistakes buyers can make when buying a home. Mom & Dad mean well but geeze, they bought their last home how many years ago? Did the internet even exist then? The world has changed and sometimes we don't even see it. But here are 22 years worth of mistakes to avoid.
 Dreaming about that first home? Stop by and see how we can help you.

denver real estate: 1031 rules change. More vacation homes qualify - 03/17/08 02:43 PM
I posted today at a short comment about the new, more relaxed IRS rules regarding vacation homes. Take a look and comment on how that might affect your Denver real estate or your mountain fishing cabin. For other real estate needs see our page at … (0 comments)

denver real estate: Pork Bellies and Homes in Denver ...what do they have in common? - 02/28/08 03:30 AM
Not much as far as I can see.
There are some in the comsumer world who think both are commodities and to some extent that is true.
However, buying a HOME is nothing like buying pork bellies.
Residential Real Estate is a business of experiences, knowledge of tactics in negotiating, neighborhoods, covenants, title, construction, prices and personalities.
And buying a home has more to do with our hearts than it does with our wallets. Maybe you have experienced the 3 parts of the body that buy (or sell) a home...the head, the heart and...(wait for it) THE WALLET! Wherever the heart leads, the wallet follows? And … (0 comments)

denver real estate: Search for a Denver Home - 02/21/08 10:19 AM
When you are facing a relocation to a new city, what do you Google?Relocate to Denver?
Denver Real Estate?
Denver Homes?
Houses for sael in Denver?
What do you need to know  first
What do you want to know first?
Comments solicited!
 go to and make your comments.

denver real estate: What a blessing! - 04/17/07 02:52 AM
How's Your Year Going?I have been worried about you & your business.Is your business OK?What a blessed way to walk into church last weekend! A past client pulled me aside and asked these questions with the heart of God clearly displayed and I was touched. But more than that, I realized I have not told any of you how business has been. We have been blessed in a multiple of ways and business, in spite of what you have heard, is good!In 2006 we matched a good year in 2005 in terms of net revenue. And that was largely because I … (0 comments)

denver real estate: Itinerant Workers 2 - 07/16/06 01:49 AM
While I commented a while ago on some of the agents I know acting as though they were itinerant, I bumped into a concept the other day that floored me. Basic rule of salemanship #1 says never let an offer die for lack of a counter offer. WHy does that only apply to our clients but not to us when we are buying property. In short, we got a low ball offer and we countered it, with a very reasonable counter, not a High ball or $2 below asking. We got the response "we are not close enough". They made an … (0 comments)

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