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How Much is our Stuff Worth?   Dear PHA, As you know, I’m trying to get organized.  As I try to dispose of some of my “stuff”, I realize that I have sometimes paid a lot of money for many of my things…. How do I handle that?  Thanks, Clutter Queen Dear Clutter Queen, This is a very common situati...
When Client's Listen...   Five years ago I moved an architect into her first single family home.  At the time, because of budgetary considerations, it was not a “deluxe” unpack, but a very functional unpack. When it came time to unpack her closets,  I made the suggestion that she consider switchi...
Sunday Dinner   I decided to have a few friends over for a Sunday dinner party last night. Nothing fancy…. Just some friends who I didn’t get a chance to see during the past holidays. What to make?  Several years ago I was perusing my copy of the NY Times Cookbook “60 Minute Gourmet” by Pierre Fr...
I, for one, am still trying to create blog posts that incorporate SEO tips so I increase my visibility on the Web.  And, I sometimes forget to do some of things suggested in Kristine's post... Here's a great reminder of what we should all be doing to get our ranking up there on Google.  Thanks, K...
Am I Lucky or What!?! I am absolutely terrible when it comes to taking pictures when I'm on a job... I walk in the door and am so focused on getting the job at hand done, I completely forget to get good before and after pictures... Today was moving day... a couple in the midst of a divorce had so...
Dear PHA, If I Want to Get Organized, Do I Have to Get Rid of Everything? It’s January and I think it’s time for me to FINALLY get myself together and get organized. Does that mean I have to throw out the majority of what I own?  Thanks, Clutter Queen  Dear Clutter Queen, Absolutely not!  Being o...
This is so cool!  I just had to reblog.  While I've seen some of these exercises before, I haven't seen this exact one. Work those brain cells!!  Here is a challenge for all of you.   It took me a few seconds, but then I got the hang of it... I've seen this with the letters out of order, but this...
Barbara and Rocky called it earlier today!!  And, they were right... Patriots 23 over the Ravens 20.  Congrats to both Rocky and Barbara for knowing from the get go which team would be going to the Super Bowl.... Happy Sunday :) Rocky's ready for his "NEXT SUPER BOWL HAT!!" Copyright © 2011 The K...
Forty-niner Fever! I am an organizer. I help people move.  I have little to no interest in football! But, all of my appointments today (and I had three) were completed by 11am... why? Forty-niner Fever!  Every person you meet, in their homes, in a store, at the market - they're soo excited about ...
Laughing is good for us.  And, our very own Gwen, aka Agent Genius, brings us our own batch of laughs every Friday... check her out! The year is rolling along at the speed of idiots! Check out these bloopers from the MLS and real estate ads, and I’m sure I’ll get no argument.  Jane Peters of Los ...

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