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I am coming up on 15 years as a REALTOR and one of the things experience has given me is a perspective on other agents. I have found the vast majority of REALTORS struggle with controlling their clients. Why is this? I long assumed it was just because most agents are so desperate for a sale that ...
Thanksgiving is over but that doesn't mean we can't show gratitude to our clients. While reading Silvia Duke's post, she wrote something that stood out to me:"A few years ago, I received a note from another agent after a completed transaction with a small gift card for coffee. I was so surprised ...
I've been a REALTOR® for nearly 15 years, and in Las Vegas, that means about 10 years in a seller’s market and 5 years in a buyer’s market during the recession years. IN other words, it’s almost always a seller’s market in Vegas, and that means a continual challenge which is appraisal issues. Rig...
With Thanksgiving next week, being thankful for the people and things we have is on the top of mind. The part is all this gratitude is great for our mind according to this article by Christian Jarrett.  Christian Jarett writes, "The more you practice gratitude, the more attuned you are to it and ...
Over the years, I've seen many agents get into the busy, work their tails off, and then exit in the first year or two. I learned at an early age, that working hard in this business isn't enough. I reflected on this when reading Erika Napoletano's post on being productive vs busy.Give it a look he...
Dear REALTOR® community:  It's been a brutal couple of days for Las Vegas community as the world has seen.  One evil person showed something... but the 2 million people who live here showed something entirely different - our strength and unity when someone attacks our home.  We've come together i...
Is it Time for you to Re-Brand? I’ve always been skeptical about real estate agents and their “Brands”.  I hear a lot of agents talk about it, but for most their brand exists only in their own minds and doesn’t bear out in anything else.  At Cunningham Group, we recently completed a full re-brand...
I've come to find that stats can really help you position yourself as an expert in the market. Being able to back up what you're saying with hard data can help you gain credibility and really be the one who people look to in the community. As a part of the GLVAR (Great Las Vegas Association of RE...
While referrals are a big part of my business, I know that I still need to generate leads to grow my business. Below is the formula I use and I've continued to see growth year over year. Credit: www.realestateexpress.comREFERRALSSome agents work strictly on a referral basis and it works for them....
As real estate agents, we are typically all over the place and are well known for starting and never finishing things. But, can you blame us? We're trying to do the job of multiple people. Sometimes we wear our agent hat, other times we wear our marketing hat or our finance hat. That said, if we ...

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