miscellaneous: Woman Shoots Herself Into Mortgage Forgiveness - 10/13/08 09:24 AM
I have decided to label 2008 the Year of Fear. There is so much uncertainty in the economic marketplace, the real estate market and in the employment sector of our economy that a lot of people are either responding in fear or are hesitant about what to do next.
One woman who did not hesitate pulled the trigger on herself. Addie Polk of Akron, Ohio was apparently overwhelmed by the fact that she could not make her payments and was going to be foreclosed on and she shot herself as sheriffs were trying to serve her the foreclosure notice for the 30th time.   … (0 comments)

miscellaneous: Ready for Action? - 01/16/08 10:19 AM
On Your Mark
The holidays are behind us and now is the time of year when we all resolve to do more things or at least more of the right things.  Truth be told most of us have probably already broken our New Year's resolutions since it is already January 16th.  I have discovered a very easy trick that has kept me from breaking any resolutions this year.  I didn't make any.  :-)  I can hear your voices chorusing, "That's not fair!  That's cheating."  Perhaps, but truthfully, I make changes and improve things throughout the year.  So I could claim that I … (4 comments)

miscellaneous: Graduation at Ft. Huachuca & My Run-In With the LAW - 11/08/07 11:40 AM
Today I went to Fort Huachuca to go to my youngest brother's graduation.  I was managing my time very well (rare for a Realtor, I know) and I arrived at the base at 10:35.  Graduation was at 11:00 AM.  Unfortunately, the security on base would not let me enter.  I really am a law abiding citizen, but apparently I am not up to military standards.  The registration on my car is lapsed.  Hey!  I haven't gotten paid for 3 months and so it will have to wait one more week until I get my check.
I'm not sure how this is a … (1 comments)

miscellaneous: Money Back Guarantee? On a House? - 10/30/07 10:16 AM
I was perusing the news online this morning and came across an interesting real estate related story.  There is a couple in Pennsylvania who are selling their home and offering to refund the money to the buyers upon their (the sellers') death.  This is a new twist on buyer incentives certainly, but I have been wondering if it would be a workable deal and how much it would benefit the buyers.  The article is Couple Dead Serious about Selling House.
Can you force a Will?
Right now the husband of the couple selling this house is only 55 years old.  The wife's age … (6 comments)

miscellaneous: What Side of Your Brain do you Use? - 10/26/07 12:32 PM
Yesterday, I spent some time at the Realtor.com Marketing Expo and learned some more ways to market my clients' listings using the Internet.  I have to admit that I knew almost everything they taught us, but there were a few tips that I picked up. 
One thing I found interesting was talking about which side of the brain people use more than the other.  Left brain people tend to be more organized, good at math, etc, and right brain people tend to be more creative and expressive, etc.  I felt that I had some of the characteristics of both, so I … (9 comments)

miscellaneous: Taking the First Step - 10/20/07 03:16 AM
I began running this week, something I haven't done in the past 20 years (not for exercise, anyway).  Working from home as a real estate agent, I have done other things for exercise, such as Pilates, kick-boxing and some light weight lifting.  Those were nice and I will still do them, but I really wanted to kick it into high gear and start doing something "hardcore" to build my stamina.  I have several friends who run and so I decided to give it a shot and see what all the fuss was about.
So Monday morning I dragged myself out of bed … (2 comments)

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