sergio depinto: My Christmas Tree - 12/24/10 07:26 AM
The tree outside my window saw the seasons of this year. As the new leaves flourished it gave way to a wall of green.  It played host to countless creatures. From the proud blue jays that perched on top, to the meek little sparrows that hid deep inside, and the red cardinals and gold finches, they all brought joy and an added spectacle to each day. The giant hawk that flew overhead, the skunk and fox that ran past, the squirrels that nervously visited too, they're all memories of the year of this tree.  
I tossed much bread and seed its … (27 comments)

sergio depinto: Do tenants have rights if the property is forclosed? - 11/08/10 04:36 AM
Tenancy Issues -Here's a Landlord/Tenant topic worth some discussion.
In my area, The Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board, and the law; Residential Tenancy Act, deal with these issues. If you have any comments on this topic, please feel free to post them here. If you're in the middle of a similar situation in the province of Ontario, I may be able to assist, or connect you with someone who can. Having some expertise in this area, I've had similar issues, and have helped clients find clear solutions.

We have an agent in our office who represented a client who … (11 comments)

sergio depinto: I made $18/hr last year... How much did you make? - 10/19/10 01:53 AM
I used to find it annoying when people worked out my paycheck. Client, family and friends even my kids would multiply the price of the house I sold by 6% and assume the cash was all mine. They suspect I scored big time. Unfortunately, some Realtors do the same math, and get themselves into a delusion of financial success; a perception that can lead to personal bankruptcy.
I love what I do and I'm not overly concerned about how others see my commissions anymore. I've learned I have no control over what people think so I just smile and say "... … (188 comments)

sergio depinto: Chimney and Fireplace Safety - 10/07/10 07:18 AM
Home Safety Information - Fireplace Advice
It's nice to have people looking out for your safety and comfort during the cold winter months. Here's a post from one of my favourite Home Inspection professionals, Chrissy Doremus, one of her limitless string of informative writings.

In order to keep your family and home safe, it is important to always practice fireplace and chimney safety. Follow the three-foot rule. Combustible material too close to the fireplace, or to a wood stove, could easily catch fire so keep material at least 36" away from the hearth. Below, find more helpful information about … (6 comments)

sergio depinto: Mortgage Rates ~ 27 September 2010 - 09/29/10 08:05 AM
The only thing flying high is the Re/Max Balloon....Mortgage rates have remained advantageous for the borrower. Look at these rates posted by my friend Brian..

Variable rate mortgages from as low as Prime minus 0.65%.
Prime Rate is 3.00%.
Let me know if you would like a referral to a mortgage broker?

sergio depinto: Put Down Some Roots! - 09/23/10 02:28 AM
Fall is upon us and now before we settle down for a long winters nap... there are a few things homeowners should consider doing.
Getting ready for the winter months, and to ensure a head start on the spring projects, could be as easy as following this simple advise.
Tree planting 101 (before the ground freezes)

Looking to put down some roots this year? In most regions, fall is the time to plant a tree. Why should you consider planting a tree? Well, besides being beautiful and providing shade, trees positively alter the environment in which we live by … (4 comments)

sergio depinto: Sergio DePinto Ranked #1 in Vaughan- The City above Toronto - 09/20/10 05:24 AM
The only person that should be impressed here is me!!
But I thought I'd share this with the people who've been reading my Blog and sharing their experiences and great real estate insights with me. I guess I can't call myself a newbie anymore...
Blog Posts: 113 Rank in Ontario: #63 Rank in York County: #15 Rank in Vaughan: #1 (Featured!) Guess what I saw this morning on my homepage at ActiveRain?
I 've had a wonderful time since joining AR back in June. Thanks for all the comments and for allowing me to communicate with my circle of friends, clients, and … (7 comments)

sergio depinto: What you should be asking your flooring contractor - 09/20/10 02:51 AM
Have you done your best to ensure hiring the right contractor. For any job that involves hiring a tradesman to conduct work on your most valuable asset, you must be diligent in asking the right questions. Secure a contract that spells out the work, the monies, and the time lines.
I've been able to help many clients hire reputable contractors in the past. But, like so many others, I've been personally burnt too. That's why I recommend only the people that can prove themselves with references and examples of there work. Here's a great advice column that may help you in … (2 comments)

sergio depinto: Toronto Sales are UP! - 09/18/10 07:07 PM
Here's the real scoop on the Greater Toronto Real Estate Market...
The media has reported nonsense and caused distress to both buyers and sellers in recent months. Sellers were made to think that 3 day sales are normal... it was never normal, and buyers were told they had control of the market... they did not. Both sides of the process were strongly mislead and caused to make silly mistakes. Question the motives of some these past reports and so called experts... If I had my way... they would be held accountable.
Here's the best little post on the reality, the facts, and the nonsense … (6 comments)

sergio depinto: *** September 11, 2010 *** - 09/11/10 08:59 AM
I'm old enough to remember some of the other traumatic episodes in history and can certainly restate my account of the emotional impact it had on life.
I often heard my parents say that they ‘...remember where I was when...", they remember when President Kennedy was assassinated; they recalled what they were doing, who said what, and who was beside them, with flashes of pictures and sounds that danced while storytelling. The heat, the smells, the radio crackle that first gave them the first account of the event, these were all passed down with my own memories as a young boy.
I … (13 comments)

sergio depinto: Where Are Your Important Documents? - 09/08/10 05:53 PM
As a experienced Realtor with many long time relationships; friends and clients who rely on all sorts of advice from home renovations to estate planning, I offer this information. If you only take one piece of advice this year.... take this tip, and share it with those you love and care.

Where are your important documents?
On July 4, 2010, my mother lost her 11 year battle with ovarian cancer.  I spent 8 weeks caring for her full time in hospice.  I learned more in those 8 weeks about my mother, about my family, about life and about myself than I probably … (5 comments)

sergio depinto: Dryer Vent Cleaning: Clean Dryer Vents to Prevent Fires - 09/06/10 06:08 AM
When was the last time you cleaned the dryer vent?
This useful tip could save you time, energy, repair costs, and possibly lives. I produce a monthly newsletter mailing that my clients save for the home improvement and maintenance tips. This one is a keeper that I will reprint for the safety value. I encourage you to pass on this information to your circle of contacts.  Also, remember that the popularity of gas dryers has made it necessary to change the venting material and clearance requirements for the appliance. Have a qualified professional check  your installation if you're not sure about … (4 comments)

sergio depinto: The new CMHC Housing Market Overview Report for August 2010 is out! - 09/04/10 05:20 AM
The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation has released some very interesting numbers regarding the overall performance of the market these past few months. This is a fine summary of the findings. I encourage you to click the link for the entire report.

The new CMHC Housing Market Overview Report for August 2010 is out!
The report substantiates what we have been hearing from our colleagues across Canada of the market slowing down.  Unit sales of existing homes in July were down to 378,432 units from 406,032 units across Canada in June. "Across Canada, existing … (7 comments)

sergio depinto: Friggin... eh! listen up Americans!!!... a Canadian wants to set the record straight. - 08/27/10 03:04 PM
In 2009, while phone interviewing Realtors for a buyer referral to Florida, I was confronted with a most upsetting agent, and was hurt by the conversation. Sara (not her real name) had the nerve to say that my buyers (and Canadians as a whole) were opportunists and poaching property due to the US economic situation. Actually, they owned manufacturing facilities in the United States, employed and supported the economy, and gave back generously to the local community. I wasn't about to enlighten her to this fact, I didn't think she deserved it.
I know in my heart that the majority of … (25 comments)

sergio depinto: Baked 3,500 cookies with a message - 08/27/10 07:29 AM
This post is added for Blaine Callen in response to his Blog and thoughtful writing.
Its 2009 Christmas message that I inserted in every box of my homemade cookies to clients and friends.

His eyes were wide as he approached me for charity on an icy streetscape in old Montreal. He asked for a handout, some help, for some hope on this winter day. He was 30's or 40's, it was hard to tell by the weathered look on his face. He was certainly troubled and tortured by life and needing more than some small change. I reached in my pocket for a coin. … (3 comments)

sergio depinto: Buyers Beware...4 Reasons why buyers should sign a Buyers Agency Agreement - 08/27/10 05:39 AM

Buyers owe themselves the best possible representation when dealing with a Realtor.... make their representative legally accountable.
Buyers and Agents have been walking a tightrope for years by not having an Agency relationship established before working with each other. I cannot fully comprehend why the practice still continues. For many years now our local Real Estate Board has made it mandatory to inform and establish a working relationship with all our clients before proceeding with them.
 I find that it's reasoning has been misunderstood by Agents and Buyers alike. It's very simple, and as this short video … (2 comments)

sergio depinto: Selling Home? Prepare Your Kitchen! - 08/27/10 04:35 AM
Woodbridge, Ontario - Kitchens and Baths.
Here's more on the value of preparing your home for sale. It's always been acknowledged the Kitchens and Baths are important. Here's some food for thought on the topic.
If you need more insight... just let me help..

The value of your house can increase or reduce depending on what state it is in. Once you have decided to sell, you need to find out what you can do to improve the value and attract potential purchasers. Property agents, after all, have a plethora of examples of sellers who apparently got it wrong. … (2 comments)

sergio depinto: Woodbridge, Ontario - Russo Farms - 08/25/10 12:53 PM

What are we going to do now! If this market goes by the way of progress then it will be sorely missed. After 30 years in the same general vicinity (Weston Road and Major Mackenzie Drive) the owners and operators of this fine market are considering a change. "My mom will never sell but there will be a time when it will have to go... So claims Joanne Russo; daughter and co-operator of the market. "I'm getting tired of the demands..." she exclaims. Nevertheless, they're remaining for this summer. With an abundance of wonderful product all homegrown from their own … (0 comments)

sergio depinto: Woodbridge, Ontario... Russo Farms... a local farmers market - 08/25/10 12:20 PM

What are we going to do now! If this market goes by the way of progress then it will be sorely missed. After 30 years in the same general vicinity (Weston Road and Major Mackenzie Drive) the owners and operators of this fine market are considering a change. "My mom will never sell but there will be a time when it will have to go... So claims Joanne Russo; daughter and co-operator of the market. "I'm getting tired of the demands..." she exclaims. Nevertheless, they're remaining for this summer. With an abundance of wonderful product all homegrown from their … (4 comments)

sergio depinto: Woodbridge Ontario -Sergio's No Limit 7K Walk/Run - I ran it and lived to tell the tale... - 08/24/10 12:28 AM
Alina joins the rain!!!
Awe! What a glorious way to start a new exercise plan. Heavy rains followed the group out of the park and onto the streets of Woodbridge, Ontario. Even though I selected a scenic route lined with mature trees adjacent to the famous Toronto Board of Trade Golf and Country Club on one side, and the Boyd Conservation Centre on the other, the weather made it a daunting challenge.
Alina Spektor, along with about 100 other brave souls, met us for the days' events in a relentless pursuit to raise awareness and funding for cancer research. Her attendance … (11 comments)

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