real estate: Home Sellers' challenges 2021 - 09/27/21 10:59 AM

Home Sellers' challenges 2021 Everyone is talking about the crazy seller's market and the struggles buyers are having, but no one is talking about the struggle sellers are having in this market. If you are thinking of putting your house on the market, you definitely need to consider these five things the sellers are having struggles with during their sales process. Number one picking the wrong realtor picking the right realtor is very, very important because due to Covid, a lot of other industries, they either partially closed down are they fully closed down. So a lot of people they're interested … (0 comments)

real estate: Myth: Schools don't matter if you don't have kids - is that true? - 03/08/21 07:48 AM

Myth - Schools don't matter if you don't have kids - is that true?Sometimes we think living in a better school area really doesn't matter if we don't have kids. That is not true, because a better school gives better pricing on home value and there is some definite good value. Check it out.#realestate #homebuying #betterschools #betterhomevalue #homeprice #homeselling #houseforsale #southfloridahomes #southfloridarealtor #floridarealestate #mythvstruth

real estate: What is a Bridge Loan and when do you need it? - 03/03/21 07:07 AM

Wealthy Wednesday - What is a Bridge Loan?
You may need a bridge loan in some real estate investment transactions. Check it out when do you need it and what is a bridge loan.#realestate #investment #realestateinvestment #investing #investment101 #wealthywednesday #wholesaling #investingforprofit #profitinvestment #nomoneyinvestment #nomoneyinvesting #bridgeloan #hardmoneyloan #privateloan #investmentloan

real estate: Myth: All Agents are the same!!. - 02/01/21 08:06 AM

Myth: All Agents are the same!!. Is the myth about all agents are the same true? It's definitely not. There are different parts of real estate and each agent specializes in a different part. Also providing quality services and value is most important in real estate. Go for the Agent who provides you the best services and value. Check out the video for details. #realestate #realestateagent #realtor #realtorservice #value #qualityservice #remax #allagentsaresame #bestrealtor #southflorida #southfloridarealestate #hirerealtor

real estate: Should you fix your house up or just sell as-is? - 10/08/19 01:32 PM
Often we hear this from our sellers, should I fix the house before putting in the market or just sell as-is. Most of the time it really depends on how much is the market value. You don't want to overspend on the house you are selling as you may not get that money back, on the other hand, if the repairs need for making the property qualify for the financed offer. so you can get the most value. There are different ways to check and decide on that. Watch the video for full details.

real estate: How much should I offer on a property I like to buy? - 05/25/19 02:50 AM
How much do I offer on a property I am ready to make an offer?
You and your family just previewed a property and thinking about what will be the right amount to offer. Most of the time we compare our offer price with seller's asking price. That is definitely not a great idea. Even though that is the asking price from Seller, you still can lose a contract offering full price. Your competition is other buyers who are making an offer and you always should consider market value before making an offer. Some properties are listed over the market value, some … (1 comments)

real estate: Protect your real estate investment property two easy way. - 04/24/19 12:56 PM
Wealthy Wednesday - Protect your investment properties with these two easy way. Don't let the scammers rent out your property while in renovation or waiting to find a new buyer or renter.

real estate: Is the Recession coming and how bad will it affect Real Estate? - 04/23/19 09:41 AM
Recession comes in every 8 to 12 years. Is it time for another recession? Will it affect the Real Estate market as bad as it did in last recession. Check out the video.

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