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Why,  Why, Why          Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are  going dead?      Why do banks charge a fee on 'insufficient funds' when they know there is not enough money?      Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check wh...
So, I was at my son's basketball game today.  He made this team, which is an honor because they are considered one of the best.   He just made the team 4 weeks ago and the night he made the team he broke his hand and was put in a cast.  He has not missed a practice and practiced as much as he cou...
So, I have been told by some close friends of mine that Democratic nominee Biden will step down from the running around October 5th and Hilary Clinton will step in.  I was shocked that he didn't pick Hilary from the get go and even more shocked that he is "possibly" going to make such a big campa...
3 cups Flour                        2/3 cup sugar                                     2 cups chocolate chip cookies 1tsp baking soda              2/3 cup packed brown sugar       1tsp salt                            1tsp vanilla extract 1 cup margarine                2 eggs 3 tsp water   In large...
So, it is 10:30pm on a Monday night. My son is sitting on the floor by me creating a map. He is trying to do a project that was given to him 2 weeks ago.  So far tonight he has created a clay fish and painted it.  Wrote a 2 minute speech on this fish.  Now is working on the map.  I keep telling h...
Wish we would have had this service on our cell phones this week.  A man kidnapped a woman in New Mexico and made her drive him to Denver, they ran out of gas about 1/2 mile away from our house (in Colorado Springs).  She ended up getting away and he ended up breaking into a house about 3/4 of a ...
Many people are not sure of all their your options for volleyball in Colorado Springs.  Whether you are moving here from outa state or just trying to figure where to get you or your child connected.  Below is all the information we have found so far.  Please feel free to add to this. Volleyball i...
So, I don't know what it is with me.  But I do not handle instruction from my hubby when it comes to golf or anything else athletic.  The man is extremely athletic and can master any sport he puts his mind to.  I should be a sponge wanting to learn from him... However, years ago (17 years ago) he...
If you are looking for a great places to cool down in the summer months you can go to the following outdoor Public pools: Deerfield Hills Spray Groundby Deerfield Hills Community Center4290 Deerfield Hills RoadColorado Springs, CO 80916(719) 385-5996 Monument Valley Pool 220 Mesa Road (in south M...
Below is a list of different baseball leagues that kids can get involved in. Academy Little LeagueP.O. Box 62761Colorado Springs, CO Tri-lakes Athletic AssociationP.O. Box 1730Monument, CO Little League Baseball ...

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