sue prins five star real estate: Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff to Stuff Away - 12/10/09 04:42 PM

This past summer I traveled to South Africa for the first time.  The area that I spent most of my time is a highly impoverished community called Kliptown. It is located in the township of Soweto in Johannesburg SA. My mission was to help this community to start a sewing business that would help them produce an ongoing sustainable income for themselves and their community. It was very affective and the products they are now producing are gorgeous. They are earning income and able to put money back into the business to help it to continue growing. The picture below … (7 comments)

sue prins five star real estate: Anyone a member with an online lead generating company? - 04/08/09 02:47 AM
I am just looking into possibly of becoming a member of an online lead generating referral company. Have any of you activerainer had any experience with ? Maybe you have another company you would rather recommend. Or, maybe you have an opinion about doing this sort of thing. I welcome your advise.
Sue Prins
Five Star Real Estate

sue prins five star real estate: Help! My short Sale's Fallen And Can't Get Back Up! (Need Advice For My Client ASAP) - 04/10/08 06:01 PM
This is not my typical light and fluffy fun posts that I enjoy writing. You may realize my week was not anything near fluff and fun. In fact it was a week of frustration, and well, throwing in the towel when I really didn't want to.
This post is really more of a few questions posed to those of you with expertise in the area of short sales.
The background: (while much more involved I tried to keep it short)
I was very recently working on a short sale for a home owner in Grand Rapids Michigan. We were in the middle of … (13 comments)

sue prins five star real estate: Deal Or No Deal? Foreclosures and Short Sales - 03/20/08 04:19 AM
I recently showed several homes to a first time buyer. Her list consisted of 11 homes in the Grand Rapids MI area. Let me rephrase that; 11 "almost" homes.  We had approximately 2.5 hours to do this with only half of that time involving daylight. Lucky for the both of us I had my trusty flashlight.
When I began working with this client, she made it pretty clear that she wanted to only see foreclosures or short sales. Someone told her that these types of homes would give her the best deal. I have my own feelings about that but agreed to show her the homes on … (21 comments)

sue prins five star real estate: A Very Unique Marketing Idea- Movie Madness!! - 03/19/08 06:45 AM
When I first started out in this business I was eager to get my name out there but I wanted to do it in a fun way. I wanted to be unique and have people remember me beyond the marketing dollars I would need to spend.
I went to  the local movie theater (Celebration Cinema in Grand Rapids) and rented an entire theater room and along with that, a premiere PG rated movie.At that time the movie premiering was Freeky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. It was perfect for all ages and all audiences. I also struck a deal with the manager that … (271 comments)

sue prins five star real estate: Dr 9021-OH! Home Makeovers - 03/18/08 03:03 AM
Ever had to turn an "Okay" listing to an "OH WOW!" listing?
I had a frustrated seller call me recently. He and his wife had their home for sale for a vey long time with no offers and very little traffic. He was looking into hiring me for the job as his listing was due to expire with the last realtor. I was wondering myself why it had not sold since by the exterior appearance it seemed to be an attractive home in a gorgeous wooded setting in popular Forest Hills area, Grand Rapids, MI. The price seemed within the realm and it had plenty to offer for … (14 comments)

sue prins five star real estate: Oh Beautiful For Spacious Skies... - 01/23/08 02:06 PM
I wrote a previous post on my trip to SoCal but what I did not discuss was our journey there on the airplane. Being prone to air sickness, a white knuckled flyer, preferring a stalled automobile over a stalled airplane, flying (as you guessed) is not my favorite form of transportation. Yeah I know, it is far safer to travel to CA by plane than auto. I also know the stats of air accidents over car accidents and all that stuff. What can I say though; it's just not my thing.
Having said all of that, I have to admit there really … (10 comments)

sue prins five star real estate: Oh My Beating Heart! I JUST GOT MEME'D!!! - 01/21/08 04:57 PM
If you have not had the exhilerating experience of being Meme'd yet, Look out!!! When I got an email from Larry Hammelman notifying me of my being Meme'd my heart began to race. I thought I had just broken some blogging law. I began recalling other posts I had written wondering what I may have said to violate all that is blogger holy. Whew, I am happy to say that was not it. In fact I was "it". I had just gotten tagged!! And like the childhood tag game I played with my neighborhood friends when I was a kid, I would … (8 comments)


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