nashville foreclosures: Buyers are confused at the lack of good deals. They are just looking in the wrong places. - 03/16/10 04:41 AM
YES, This IS a buyer's market. Yes, there are good deals to be had in Nashville (or just about anywhere in the country). 
NO, you CANNOT expect to get anything you want at any price you want. 
For the past few years, most of my buyers are looking specifically for a good deal. In fact, I would say that throughout the decades most agents hear the phrase "We are just looking for a good deal". This is regardless of the economy. 
I have a client who is currently looking for "a good deal" here in Nashville. We have looked at about … (3 comments)

nashville foreclosures: Nashville foreclosures and short-sales - 03/15/10 11:21 AM
There are currently over 600 homes in Nashville (Davidson and Williamson Counties) that are either foreclosures or short-sales. The opportunity for home buying is out there and the market is turning. What does that mean to "Joe Homebuyer"? If you have the time and the patience then it means A GREAT DEAL! Let me give you an example. 
I currently have a listing in Lenox Village, Nashville TN. The listing price is $148,000. This is a great deal for this area. It's a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath townhome with a full 2 car garage and private views. The average dollar per … (0 comments)

nashville foreclosures: Rates Rates and better Rates.... 4.75%!! - 03/19/09 11:57 AM
Has anyone seen the Refi rates on a 30 year loan? The rates just dropped down to 4.75%!! 
Now is the TIME TO BUY! The plans to continue our economy stimulus has kept up. The feds just gave One Trillion dollars towards mortgage backed securities!! This has led to the drop in rates. 
I am sure many first time home buyers might be a little sketchy about buying because of the media and the news on the economy. The $8,000 tax credit along with interest rates and LOW LOW prices on homes make it THE TIME TO BUY (Or Refi)! 
I … (2 comments)

nashville foreclosures: Why do we blog? - 01/28/09 08:23 AM
I would say that the majority if not all of us are blogging in order to get exposure. This could be direct exposure to us as Realtors or exposure to our website. For example,  my website is .  I happen to think it is a really great site. We come up with catchy headlines like “How to get buyers in a down market” or “5 tips to sell a home quickly”. Once the reader is on our blog we talk about anything under the sun and throw in all the right key words like “ Nashville Real Estate” or … (3 comments)