Victoria, Minnesota has a lot to offer. It is a quiet relaxed southwestern suburb of Minneapolis. Victoria has also earned the nickname, "The City of Lakes and Parks" as it has over 200 acres of reserved land "green space", 22 Parks, and 12 Lakes! Click HERE for a map of all the Victoria Parks....
 It is getting easier, and faster for people who have lost their home due or even filed for bankruptcy. CUT IN HALF! Recent Fannie Mae changes have slashed the minimum waiting period from 4 years to 2 years to apply for a mortgage. This loosening of the minimum period to apply would also include ...
People who live in Minneapolis know they have something special, and now there some national recognition of it. A median price of $251,000 makes it reasonably affordable to purchase, and with one of the highest percentage of bikers (The pedal kind) that actually ride their bikes to work! In a rec...

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