snow: A few thought about Harper - 01/19/19 06:36 AM
Apparently something called Harper is headed toward New Jersey. According to the weather forecasters, this could be anything from a 4-5 inch storm to a 15 inch blizzard complete with an ice storm and winds high enough to knock down trees.
Back in November, New Jersey was forecast to have just a few inches of snow, nothing major. Schools did not close, life went on as usual. By the time I headed home at 3:00, five inches was already on the ground and coming down faster than I've ever seen. All of New Jersey was in gridlock with cars on every road. … (6 comments)

snow: Stella! - 03/14/17 06:11 AM
This particular nor-easter is called Stella. By the time I woke up this morning, 4 inches were already on the ground. By the time the chickens and dog were fed and my boots were on, the total was at least 6 inches and the snow was coming down fast and furious.
The forecast is for at least another 12 inches.
If you're in the path of Stella, this is a heavy snow already. I'm afraid, even with our snow blower, it's going to take a lot of work to clear the driveway. You might want to do a first past this morning before the … (8 comments)

snow: 5 Things to do during Snowmageddon - 01/22/16 09:35 PM
The forecast for our area has been upgraded to 17-20 inches. 
That's a lot of snow. 
Paul of Sharpe Landscapes  dug out our driveway already this morning after about 4 inches but another 2 have fallen in the past hour.
Showings and appointments have already been canceled for today and tomorrow. So what's a Realtor to do on a snow day? Here are 5 ideas to help your business from home:
Clean off your desk. After a very busy week, our desks are both covered in letters, folders, and assorted things to be handled. Everything is easier when you have a clean work surface, so … (19 comments)

snow: Why I'm not worried about this "HUGE" Storm - 01/21/16 08:12 AM
Please join us in congratulating our son, Paul. Sharpe Landscapes, LLC, is officially in business and ready to serve your landscaping and yard clean up needs. 
But that's not all. 
Sharpe Landscapes is also offering reliable and affordable snow removal. So we're expecting to have clean driveways and sidewalks, no matter how formidable the forecast is!
Sharpe Landscapes serves the Livingston area, so if you're snowed in, give Paul a call at 862-485-1260 and tell him we sent you!
I'm sure he'd also appreciate it if you'd "Like" his Facebook page!

snow: Sometimes You Have To Shovel Sh**!!! - 02/02/15 10:32 PM
Yesterday we got about six inches of snow at our house.  It was followed by about an inch of ice.  Not pretty.  Our "third child" Sam the Amazing Wonder Dog, was having difficulty walking on the icy snow.  She's fourteen and not as nimble as she once was.  So we were concerened for her.  And we were also tired of her using the 2 feet in front of the back door as her bathroom.  So I did what any good dog-father would do.  I took a shovel and cleared a 12 foot circle for to venture out onto the grass.  

snow: Is it our responsibility as agents to shovel snow? - 01/26/15 05:05 AM
Yesterday after our Open House I took buyers out to look at several homes.   Most were easily accessible, but two them, both flips, were not shoveled out from the wet snow we had the day before.  Temperatures dropped into the low 20's and there was a layer of ice under the snow.  
I was worried about a possible fall.  I'm not the most agile guy, and with my bad knee I walk with a cane.  I was also worried for my clients.  I didn't want them to fall.
Fortunately the three of us were able to get into and … (12 comments)

snow: Don't forget your Vacant Listings this winter! - 02/04/14 09:33 PM
Listing a vacant home brings with it some additional responsibilities.
We've already written about the added importance of checking on the home and holding other realtors responsible for respecting the owner's privacy even though the home is vacant.
But today, New Jersey is experiencing our second major snowstorm of the week, with a third one predicted for the weekend. If you accept showings on vacant properties, then you have to make sure there's a clear and safe path to the home. To not do so makes you and your client vulnerable if someone were to get hurt on the property.
Our … (28 comments)

snow: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night - 12/28/12 10:07 PM

Apparently, the Post Office has nothing on Team Zuhl. 
We're in a winter storm warning here in NJ. Snow, wind, ice - the whole nine yards. It's also the weekend between Christmas and New Years - businesses all over the State are closed for the holiday week.
And here's our schedule for the day:
9:45 am - showing rentals to a new prospective client.
12:00 noon - walk through for the house that's closing on Monday.
1:30 pm - meeting with a client to write an offer on a house he saw yesterday.
3:00 pm - showing condos to another … (2 comments)

snow: Snowflake Shapes - 02/29/12 12:16 AM
Snow just started here in NJ - first time in a few weeks. Got me thinking about this.
How Many Snowflake Shapes Are There? Scientists think that there are five different shapes of snow crystals. 1. long needle shape 2. hollow column that is shaped like a six-sided prism 3. thin and flat six-sided plates 4. six-pointed stars 5. intricate dendrites
What Makes The Different Shapes? The shape that a snow crystal will take depends on the temperature at which it was formed.
 When the temperature is around 32°F to 25°F thin six-sides plates are formed.
At 25°F to … (1 comments)

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