sell your austin home: My Realtor said "to neutralize" my house, that means white right? - 02/24/16 02:35 AM

Not necessarily, there are a whole world of neutral colors out there, heck just picking a white could take hours upon hours there are thousands of shades of white. What your Realtor means by neutralizing your home is to make it appealing to the largest number of buyers. But keep in mind that paint colors in particular are affected by the lighting in the room, both in daylight and evening hours and the furnishings and accessories that are in the room. House Beautiful's March 2016 edition is entiled "where will COLOR take you?" and it had a great article "Shift Into Neutral" … (0 comments)

sell your austin home: What is a Realtor, really? - 02/24/16 01:40 AM

Hi, I'm Tamara Deering and I want to be your Realtor!
I'm fairly confident that when asked what we wanted to be when we grew up that very few of my peers said "Realtor". Personally I wanted to be a vet until my Mom told me that animals bleed too, seeing as how seeing blood makes me queasy that fact pretty much killed that aspiration.
All Realtor's are different.  We come into the profession for different reasons at different times but there are a few things that most of us have in common.
1. We are caretakers and problem solvers. We are truly excited … (1 comments)

sell your austin home: What Today's Buyers Want - 02/17/16 02:45 AM

An article in Inman Headlines entitled "Top 10 home trends that buyers want in 2016" listed some key features that buyers are looking for, I have included some of the trends that you can easily add to your home before you put it on the market.
1. Matte finishes on appliances, it appears that buyers have finally tired of trying to keep stainless steel finger print free. If you are planning on updating appliances before you put your home on the market consider one in matte black or slate. These will blend with existing black or stainless appliances if you don't have the budget for all … (1 comments)

sell your austin home: Seller's The "Magic Window" for Selling your Home is Coming Soon - 02/15/16 04:08 AM
 Seller's I often say that there is no "right" time to put your home on the market, and I believe that to be true, the "right time" to put your home on the market is when you're ready to sell. However, according to some research pulled together by the folks at Zillow, there is a "magic window for listings.  According to Zillow listing your Central Texas home from mid-March to mid-April can result in 22% less time on the market, a sales price 3.5% higher than the Zestimate®, and a premium of $5,800.
So if you've been thinking about selling your home now is … (1 comments)

sell your austin home: Home Staging Ideas for Under $40 - 01/27/16 12:03 AM
This post was inspired by 6 Simple Yet Effective Home Staging Ideas Under $40 on
Most Real Estate Professionals agree that Staging your home is a great tool for showing your home in it's best light but what if you don't have enough money to hire a stager? It's time to put your DIY skills and your creativity to the test. 
#1 Remove Clutter:
When your home is on the market you often get the last minute call that says we'd like to show your home in 10 minutes. If you have some hidden flexible storage you can do a lot in a … (1 comments)

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