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This weekend is of course Memorial Day.  It is the day that we honor those incredibly brave and selfless souls who gave up their lives so that we can have what we have.   It is more than just a play day, although I would guess the majority of those who died would like the fact that because of the...
I wanted to take a moment and share some of the many reasons why I love living in Utah.  I decided that rather than go on and on telling you, I would show you.  Here are a few photos that I have taken from around the State: This photo was taken in Scipio, in Central Utah. This was taken on Trappe...
I have been trying to think of a great blog post to write, and I hate to admit it.  Once again, I got nothing!  So I thought that I would share another of my sunset photos.  This one is one that I took a couple of years ago, but sunrises and sunsets never go out of style!  Have a great night! Sun...
We have been searching homes for some clients of ours.  In the process, I came across a nice looking short sale property.  As I looked at, I realized how high it was priced.  This is an entry level or first time homebuyer home.   The price per square foot of this small home is 50% higher than the...
Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and I have been sitting here trying to come up with something heartwarming and profound to write.  I hate to admit it, I got nothing! While I have been sitting here a song that was recorded by Glenn Campbell recorded, I don't remember if Steve Wariner sang it with him or...
A few months ago, I did a series of localism blogs about the restaurants in South Davis County.  I will admit to sneaking in a few that were from North Davis County as well.   One our favorite restaurants is the China Star.  It is located at 1177 South 500 West in Bountiful.  I am writing another...
We have enjoyed some great and much needed rain here today, and are expecting more rain over the weekend.  We hope that it stays in the form of rain at least!  I have been going through the photos that we have taken through the years and came across this photo. Darcy took this photo while we were...
I came across this photo of a sunset that Darcy took while we were driving down Interstate 15. It is amazing just how beautiful things are from the side of the road, or even from the middle of the road as long as you have someone who isn't driving take the picture!   I do hope that you like it!
Here is an old photo that I took a number of years ago in Zion National Park.  I liked it better in Black and White than I do in color, it has more of a surreal feel to it.   What do you think? Here is another from the same trip to Zion National Park I will say this, I really like these shots in ...
It has been a busy couple of weeks!  We have been showing homes like crazy!  This is a good thing!  One thing that we have noticed is that homes are beginning to fly off of the market!  There have been several homes that our buyers have been interested in that have gone under contract before we c...

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