real estate in rolesville: Won't You Be My Neighbor...Homes for Sale in Rolesville, NC - 12/13/09 11:55 PM
     Don't fret my little Rolesville home owner wannabe's...there are still homes for sale in my amazing town! Ok, it isn't MY town in the sense of me owning it. (Despite my dreams...or hallucinations, whichever you care to think of them as.) But as my previous posts have probably already indicated, I have such a great sense of pride in my little town. This time of year brings it out even more in me. Christmas decorations hung on the street signs. Santa in the Park. Christmas tree lots on every corner.
     Ahhh I digress...but you get the idea. If … (0 comments)

real estate in rolesville: Me and My OCD... - 11/12/09 03:54 AM
It had to be done and, by golly, I finally did it!!! As I have posted before, I live in a tiny little town called Rolesville (just outside of Raleigh and Wake Forest). The subdivision I live in is:                                                             
That reads the Village at Rolesville.
Yet I repeatedly hear and see the Villages (all of a sudden plural) OF Rolesville. And it drives me INSANE!!!
Are there more important issues going on in the world, even in my life, yes. But this one had to be addressed when I saw it was incorrectly referred to as the Villages of … (3 comments)


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