agriculture: Seeds Trust – Enhancing Sustainability in Local Farming & Ranching - 05/17/10 11:01 AM

Seeds are just amazing things.  From a very small shell of all shapes and dimensions comes beautiful and delicious fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and flowers.
Healthy seeds, non-GMO seeds, and heirloom seeds are a very important component of preserving agriculture for future generations
Seeds Trust is a 25-year old, family-owned seed company that has very helpful information and resources for those interested in saving seeds, growing a garden, and basically preserve man-kind by preserving agriculture as we know, or used to know it.
Visit Seeds Trust HERE.
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agriculture: A Trip to Texas - Agriculture, Food, and Open-Spaces - 03/31/10 03:55 AM

Last week I was able to go to San Antonio for a conference, and checked out Texas (in the smallest of terms) on the drive down from Southern Colorado.  As I passed through many smalller communities and larger towns, it was amazing to see the farms and ranches that were starting to take advantage of the warm Spring weather.
Watching these farmers and ranchers, much like the producers who are in my own region of Colorado, is so inspiring.  Many people do not understand our dependence upon agriculture for our food systems (as well as by preserving open spaces).
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