ivaor: Have You Forgotten- Do you remember? Forever Changed! - 09/11/13 12:38 AM

What do I recall? 
 That morning I remember:  I was snoring the night before so I slept on the couch and left the TV as I awoke I thought it was a movie .. I was in disbelief. I remember feeling paralyzed.. I remember feeling helpless.. I remember going to work but nothing was happening. Freeways were empty. And planes were grounded. Fighter jets were scrambled everywhere and we watched the TV and radio, waiting for the next ball to drop.

I remember the sense of community, and how everyone cared about each other and put differences aside.
I remember a … (0 comments)

ivaor: Reminder- Protect Your Credit - 07/09/13 12:36 AM
SAFETY CORNER is dedicated to providing you with tips for being safe in your personal life.
One of the most effective ways to protect your identity is to be sure you regularly review your credit report. A credit report includes information on where you live, how you pay your bills, and whether you have been sued or arrested, or have filed for bankruptcy.
Consumer reporting companies sell the information in your report to creditors, insurers, employers and other businesses that use it to evaluate your applications for credit, insurance, employment or renting a home.
You should review your credit report to … (0 comments)

ivaor: Online Auctions... Be Aware.. Protect your info... Example! - 07/09/13 12:32 AM
Online auction sites (such as eBay or Craigslist®) benefit consumers and merchandise re–sellers, by helping them find one another and creating a venue for an exchange of goods and services. The sites also create opportunity for fraud, since there is no face–to–face interaction between the buyer and seller.
The names of our various Companies have been used repeatedly by online auction buyers in an attempt to syphon funds from sellers. Currently the Companies under attack by online buyers are Alamo Title and Fidelity National Title. These online purchases are not real estate related. Here is how the deal goes down…
An … (0 comments)

ivaor: RUSH = RED FLAG? - 07/09/13 12:25 AM
"RUSH" is a word which often results in the opposite effect. It is a word which can make people stop dead in their tracks, especially since everything seems to be RUSH or URGENT these days. For settlement agents RUSH almost always raises a red flag. It causes you to ask: Why is this transaction a rush? Is it because someone is trying to hide something?
Settlement agents have excellent instincts. Lynn Brown, escrow specialist, is no different. She had a file where the seller was in a very big RUSH to close on the sale of his home. Turns out he … (0 comments)

ivaor: Involvement in Professional Associations- Get Involved? or not.. - 10/24/12 12:12 AM
For Better or Worse! 
Sounds like something you might say after walking down the aisle, right? However, it is a mindset as well. You see, we as career professionals need to help the industry that provides greatly opportunity for us. 
Most would agree that although this industry can be quite challenging, it is also quite rewarding too. If we take this seriously as a career, should we not give back the industry that gives so much? 
In a competitve environment, your involvement and influence can separate you from your competition. How do we better plug into our industry, and challenge ourselves … (8 comments)

ivaor: Vision Board- Power Of Focus - 10/23/12 12:58 AM
Power of Focus 

As we round out 2012 And we start running or business for 2013, are we thinking big and dreaming even bigger. Are we clearly mapping out what it is that we would like to achieve over the next 12-15 months.. 
In the real estate industry our paychecks are usually a delayed gratification by 2-3 months, so realistically creating our 2013 income by our actions today! 
A great question is: How is your year going to start? Is your head in the game, and are the … (1 comments)

ivaor: Question: How is the market? and your answer is.... - 10/19/12 02:28 AM
I last wrote about the power of Focus, journaling, and today's topic revolves solely around one question?
Challenge: the answer can be a slippery slope!
Why, well lets address this point. In today's market we need to be careful what we focus on be use we can be pulled off our target quite easily. Here are a few responses you might hear:
It's tough There's no listings No one will approve my offer I can't fight with cash investors The banks are not co-operating on short sales. I need an REO Account This is the worst market … (2 comments)

ivaor: Power Of Focus Journaling- - 10/18/12 04:36 AM
Well it as been said that there is great power in FOCUS. That we tend to go to and get what we think about. Some call it the SECRET, or the Law of Attraction. Others will contend it is a firm roadmap and leads us to where we want to go!
The Catch: Our focus can lead us where our head is at, the question is: Are you focusing on the right things?
I have been working diligently by reading, and journaling and putting in action the things I need to do to be successful.
Success is easy Those that … (1 comments)

ivaor: Personal Branding- Too Dangerous a time to blend in the Crowd! - 07/31/12 11:52 PM
No matter what field you are in, ask yourself the question, 
Why should someone use me as compared to my competition? 
Personal Branding/ Growth
Do My Actions reflect what I say my brand is?  To dangerous of a time to blend in with the crowd! Competitive Edge It's not who you know, its who knows you. All About them Do we sell in terms of the Client. How you can help them Challenges = Opportunity Professional Sales vs Rep  Self Education Bill Gates dedicates an hour a day to reading/ Education do you?  Many people say the they are too … (0 comments)

ivaor: Recognizing & Remembering a Local Fallen HERO- USMC Cpl Joshua Ashley - 07/31/12 12:12 AM
Dear Friends... As many of you know Marine Corporal Joshua Ashley was killed in action July 18, 2012 while conducting combat operations as a Military Police / Military Working Dog Handler in Helmand, Afghanistan. He was assigned to the 2nd Law Enforcement Battalion, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N.C. He graduated Etiwanda High School in2007, where he was the Captain of the water polo team and lettered all four years in both water polo and swim. He is the son of California State Parole Agent John Ashley. John is assigned to the Fugitive Detail and has worked very closely with … (3 comments)

ivaor: Home and Health Care? Did you know? Interesting, Be informed! - 07/24/12 12:55 AM
 The National Association of Realtors is not pleased with this new tax and hopes this information is forwarded to every voter prior to the election in November.  It doesn’t matter which side of the political fence you sit on - it will affect ALL of us.
When does your home become part of your health care?  After 2012!
Your vote counts big time in 2012, make sure you and all your friends and family know about this!
HOME SALES TAX     I thought you might find this interesting, -- maybe even SICKENING!  The National Association of Realtors is all over this and … (1 comments)

ivaor: SB County-Eminent Domain to Cram down mortgages? Abuse of Power? - 07/12/12 02:18 AM
Be Informed.. and please pass this information out!  The first public meeting of the Joint Powers Authority considering a radical use of eminent domain in the housing market is Friday morning at 9am at the San Bernardino County Government Center (details below).  You can make a difference by making your presence felt at the meeting.         San Bernardino County Joint Powers Authority Meeting Friday, July 13th 9:00am (Estimated to last about 90 minutes) County Government Center, Board Chambers 385 North Arrowhead Ave San Bernardino, CA 92415   You don't need to speak, just be there. Contact your county supervisor … (0 comments)

ivaor: California Homeowner Bill of Rights Approved- Implications? - 07/12/12 02:08 AM
The Homeowner Bill of Rights prohibits a series of inherently unfair bank practices that have needlessly forced thousands of Californians into foreclosure. The law restricts dual-track foreclosures, where a lender forecloses on a borrower despite being in discussions over a loan modification to save the home. It also guarantees struggling homeowners a single point of contact at their lender with knowledge of their loan and direct access to decision makers, and imposes civil penalties on fraudulently signed mortgage documents. In addition, homeowners may require loan servicers to document their right to foreclose.The laws will go into effect on January 1, 2013, … (1 comments)

ivaor: Great Way to Say thanks on the 4th- Packages Arrive in Afghanistan! - 07/04/12 03:00 AM
On June 11th Operaction Community Cares packaged almost 500 boxes and sent them to Afghanistan. Yesterday we started getting responses from those who recieved them.
Here is one, For more click the link to our website:

I am an Army soldier with the 426 Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne) and am currently serving my country in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Today I received care packages from your organizationand and have to say that it really made my day. To know that everyone back at home is thinking about us means a lot. We do not have much to look forward to and spend … (0 comments)

ivaor: Payoffs- Benefit of Wiring Funds vs. Sending Check! - 06/11/12 11:13 PM
In 2011, a XYZ Title office processed a sub–escrow payoff for an independent escrow office on a residential refinance. Later they received a call from the escrow officer, on behalf of the borrower, claiming the prior loan was never paid off. The borrower had been receiving delinquency notices from his lender for payments on the old loan. The title officer pulled the file and confirmed a check for the payoff was sent on Nov. 22, 2011 and the check had cashed on Dec. 5, 2011. The title officer told the escrow officer they would call the lender to prove to them … (2 comments)

ivaor: Its that time of the month! WATCH OUT - 05/29/12 11:33 PM
Crazy as it may sound but month end is starting to excite me like it did back in the day.All the fervor of people shuffling around and operations trying to close out their books. The insanity of FHA Payoff's and the sense of urgency all around.
To many, it is a time of stress and headache, to me it is a sign of BLISS... 
For many of us who have been making it through the BUST, we went from madness, to no urgency, because there were not that many files.
To see companies hiring people back, expanding operations, and offices busy … (1 comments)

ivaor: Saying Thank you to our Troops! Operation Community Cares! - 05/29/12 01:43 AM
OCC Pack Date Quickly Approaching
June 9th 10-4:00 pm CBC Church  9090 19th Street, Alta Loma Donate Now   We need help gathering names and items to send over to our deployed service people. This is a great opportunity to gather together, military and non-military families!    I DO NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT I LOVE LIVING IN A FREE COUNTRY AND I KNOW FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!     Thank you to our military! May the Lord always protect you and keep you safe!    If you have any questions, please be sure to let me know!    Operation Community … (1 comments)

ivaor: REO/ Short Sale Agents, Be In the Know- DEED IN LIEU - 05/22/12 11:21 PM
To the REO/Short Sale Agents out there: 
We are noticing an uptick in Deed In Lieu options being exercised by Sellers/Banks. 
This is another option to relieve the distressed home inventory challenge that we have been in for the last several years.
However, there can be several implications when the banks accept the DEED IN LIEU.
Current Loans will need to be reconveyed. If there is more than one loan, or bank this can be a challenge to address. Most common tranactions accepted have one bank, or one loan on the property. Any issues the homeowner has on the property are … (1 comments)

ivaor: Title Update- HELOC's Strike Back - 05/22/12 04:29 AM
When the market crashed many people had HELOC's or Lines Of Credit, and most of them were frozen, However, most were never removed from the property. The homeowner does not even realize they are still attached and need to be released. This is not a big issue, but some homeowners are caught off guard when they see these on there Preliminary Title Reports!
Have you experienced this yet.
If not, you may, be prepared, and feel confident in your answer.
Some homeowners are even shocked to know that their limit was arbitrarily raised every other year. Kind of … (0 comments)

ivaor: Farming, Door Knocking, & Consistency! A new tool added! - 05/15/12 11:39 PM
Farming: Developing an area or region to market to, touching or turning the field to grow your business for the future.

Traditionally, Title Companies have been a resource in the data for direct mail, and to a degree they still are, but the rules have chanegd. We still can provide data, however the amount of data we can provide has been altered.
Neighborhood, or Geographic Farming has been redifined by the USPS.
In a time when many of us are trying to maximize every dollar we spend and stay in tune with our clientel, the  has lauched a new tool: 

Ryan J. Orr, Team Title Guy Ticor-  909-767-0718, Sell...Buy...Refi... Specify the Title Guy!  (Ticor Title) Rainmaker large

Ryan J. Orr, Team Title Guy Ticor- 909-767-0718

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