tom miller: Dogs and Cats - 08/27/13 09:32 PM
There is nothing like a rivalry between neighboring states to kick off the 2013 college football season.  And I guess that puts Lake Hartwell right in the middle of the battlefield, since it forms the border between Georgia and South Carolina.  In case you have been living under a rock, the UGA/Clemson game is next Saturday evening in Death Valley.  Many Lake Hartwell property owners will make their way to the stadium by boat to miss all of the pre-game and post-game traffic.  For those who won’t be making it to the game, you can do a little tailgating, Lake Hartwell style, … (0 comments)

tom miller: Lake Who? - 05/13/13 09:19 AM
You mean to tell me there is another lake in NE GA besides Lake Hartwell???  In 2009, we launched to offer Lake Hartwell buyers an interactive map search for all properties sourced from both the Georgia and South Carolina multiple listing services. Four years later, it is still the only lake-specific site that provides that functionality.  I also designed the site with the idea that one day we would have SpotOnTheLake agents at other area lakes.  Today, I am thrilled to announce that Leighann Russell has joined the team as our SpotOnTheLake Specialist at Lake Lanier.  Leighann has extensive real … (0 comments)

tom miller: Stake Your Claim - 04/18/13 09:21 PM
A group of 50 SpotOnTheLake stakeholders met last Friday at the Currahee Club to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the founder’s commitment to Lake Hartwell real estate.    Over the last 10 years, Tom Miller and SpotOnTheLake have captured significant market share.  In 2012, they participated in 1 in 5 home sales and 1 in 3 lot sales on the lake.  2013 is off to a fast start with 26 clients either closed or under contract.  Future plans were announced including adding additional agents to the team.  Watch this space for more on that!  Tom also announced the winners of the first … (0 comments)

tom miller: Corps Of Engineers Calms Fears - 04/17/13 07:29 PM
Many Lake Hartwell stakeholders have been keeping a close eye on the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP).   The expansion project will allow larger ships to use the harbor.  The concern is that an expanded harbor will require additional outflows from the system, reducing the available water for our lakes.  Billy Birdwell confirmed in a Press Release today that the project will NOT require any additional outflows due to an oxygen injection process that will keep the water safe for fish.  My question for Billy is: “ how quickly can we get some of those oxygen injectors so we can reduce the … (0 comments)

tom miller: Show Your Colors - 04/04/13 08:14 PM
When I have the chance to work with great local businesses, I like to let everyone know.  Hartwell Apparel has been providing logo’d apparel since  1959.  They have just opened a new retail center in Hartwell, and I had a chance to visit with them yesterday.  The product quality, service and pricing are all excellent.  If you, your company, your school or your organization are looking for logo’d apparel, I would encourage you to stop by or shop online here. ( for a domain name. Really? – They have been around for a while!)  Oh yeah,  after you are done with … (0 comments)

tom miller: Lake Hartwell Dam Run - 03/06/13 10:22 PM
I had the thrill of seeing my daughter complete her first half marathon in Seaside, FL this past weekend.  If you are looking for a shorter run before your first half marathon, come try the Dam Run at Lake Hartwell on May 4th.  The run starts in Georgia, crosses the Savannah River into South Carolina and then comes back into Georgia across the Hartwell Dam.

tom miller: Welcome to Getting Deeper with Tom - 02/21/13 12:04 AM
If you clicked on the GettingDeeper link looking for the SpotOnTheLake Water Depth Guide, this ain’t it.  You can find that information here.   This is the first post of what I hope will be weekly posts, that gives our lake community, and anyone else that might be interested, a chance to share ideas about things that matter.  I know a lot of people don’t have much extra time, but I hope that there are some that do.  Here’s the way it will work,  I will share an idea, a link or a story about something that happened in my week.  You … (0 comments)

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