realtor: It's a beautiful day for a walk and pick a home out to look at and buy. - 03/19/09 11:21 AM
The trees are budding up, the little plants are pointing their heads above the ground to get there share of light. The birds are out in song, waters rushing, blue skies, peacefulness,parks, and friendly people interacting. It was just a beautiful day in Wisconsin, and the weather is getting so nice.
Take a pad of paper with you and jot down some addresses that really are striking to you. When you have had your walk, come on over by me and let me buy you lunch, The rates are great, the selection is superb, the prices are phenomenal,, and the warm weather tells you … (9 comments)

realtor: The Historical and Magificent Fox River running through the City Of Waukesha - 02/21/09 08:34 AM
When I was younger we could always take our fishing poles down to the the Fox River and have a day of pulling in  pan fish including bull heads, We could have done this for hours. Towering willow trees were everywhere and lent shady to the river as they shot out in to the shy. The park had so many botanical gardens ans everything was just beautiful. Smaller bridges through out the park for people to think,fish,romance,or pitch pennies into the wishing wells. Whole roll of massive concrete trellecesses forming dorms. Every type of magnificent plant are here, and the walk ways were just gorgeous, … (9 comments)

realtor: If you have come this far.... - 02/15/09 09:48 AM
"If you have come this far, you would be willing to come a little farther?"  I thought it was great when Tim Robbins  (Andy) said that to Morgan Freeman (Red) in the movie The Shawshank Redemption  If an individual has made it this far it certainly is worth the effort to come a little farther
If you are a Realtor then activity is picking up, phones are ringing again, and what we weathered out has been worth the wait. It was a great lesson to learn, but the pain was all too great for many of our fellow Realtor
Perseverance is a virtue that makes a Realtor shine, and … (10 comments)

realtor: Like brand new, and now full of tenants-lower month to month. This Cudahy property is like brand new! - 08/11/08 10:08 AM
Molding, all new paint, all new carpet, all new cabinets, and the list just goes on. Upstairs is just as redone and imaculate as lower. Located on a corner lot this large yard is suitable for lots of uses. Property is close to everything.



Why settle for just any rental property when you can have one that is literally brand new? Call Tom Braatz or Glenn Shong for all showings. Easy to show.
Tom Braatz
RE/MAX Realty Center

realtor: 331 Badger Ct. Dousman. Outstanding and one of a kind community! - 08/05/08 08:15 PM
Many updates in this beautiful ranch home such as a new furnace, roof, windows, laminate floors. Fenced yard backs up to subdivision common area. Very private yard, patio with hot tub. All appliances included. Great family room with fireplace just 2.5 miles south of I-94. $220"S Call for appointment and make an offer today! The Village of Dousman is surrounded by scenic nature, rolling hills, meadows, and kettle moraines. Watch the sand hill cranes in the fields, walk, hike, or bike the Glacial Drumlin nature trail. There is a new adventure waiting for you when you purchase this fine home.

realtor: MY son is a great luck charm, and my staging friend is my absolute hero - 06/25/08 02:26 PM
I recently found a picture of my son Spencer from about 7 yaears ago and I made me take a look back and realize ow fast kids reslly grow up.
I was talking to my absolutely charming friend Lori Polk last night and she told me she was off to rescue dogs. Come on folks? How cool is that? She in my eyes is a hero, and a major one at that. People come along in life and they remind you that life has people in it that really do make a difference.Lori is the type of person that makes a difference because … (5 comments)

realtor: Sussex, Wisconsin. A focal point, great environment, and tranquil living! - 06/13/08 03:24 PM
Traveling east of the Town of Merton, and the Town of Lisbon, and north of the Town of Pewaukee is a place rich in history, and is one of the best kept secrets in waukesha County. This place is known as the Village of Sussex.
For years Sussex was a quiet sleeper little town. The secret is out of the bag and people are discovering how beutiful this Village is, and all it has to offer visitors and residents. 


The Village of Sussex was incorporated in 1924 from the hamlets (towns) of Sussex (1842, some say … (6 comments)

realtor: Elm Grove, Wisconsin. A charming community of fine homes, shops, and neighborhoods. - 06/12/08 11:43 AM
Not too far from the City of Brookfield sits a charming area known as the Village of Elm Grove. It's proximaty to Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and Waukesha County lends to being recognized as a beautiful pocket of Waukesha County, and it's charm is spendid.
My secretaries used to tell me that if I did not go through Elm Grove and stop at the Chocolate Swan that I should keep on going. I often think that it was kind of going to extremes that they were willing to take a stand against chocolate verses me. The chocolate always won out, whether it was … (2 comments)

realtor: North lake, Wisconsin: Time stands still , and a beautiful Lake community and town. - 06/10/08 12:13 PM
I have a special place I like to drive through, and think of when I was younger. Driving through the Town of Merton, and winding down past some of the most premier Lake property in Wisconsin, in not the Midwest, one comes into a quiet little town called North lake. When I was younger my grand father used to take me to the volunter fire department for their chicken barbeques. The church at the end of town was a regular Sunday event. Tubing on North lake, watching the train go by, and one can only imagine the times to be had as … (4 comments)

realtor: Hey, Pick it up Aunt Bea! Why do kids repeat things? - 06/10/08 10:29 AM
For those of you that know me you know that I have been  a divorced man for about the last nine or ten years now. Every so often I seem to have a sign go up that reminds me that I have a great accomplishment of that marriage. That being my son Spencer. There are times that kids like to repeat things just to hear themselves talk I think. Sometimes it can really can come back to haunt me as well, but in a good way.
Like father, like Son. Recently my son was riding along with my ex mother in law and … (2 comments)

realtor: The Winds of Change point out that you have a chance of a lifetime in ownership! - 06/08/08 11:53 AM
Everytime I set out to purchase a property in the past one of the greatest concerns was how I was going to get my money to work for me better, and how could I get the best terms and Interest rate possible.

It does not have to be a bear to fiqure out that perhaps now is the time to sit down with a qualified broker like myself, Tom Braatz, and whether you are buying your first propertiy, your second, your Lake home, an investment, or business, and get your ideas on paper. The first step is to always write … (3 comments)

realtor: Brookfield, Wisconsin. A City that emerged with greatness, business, and community - 06/01/08 09:54 AM
When I was younger I would drive through Brookfield, and at that time it was just a concept of building out Bluemound Road as to what it is today. In Brookfield, there are wonderful subdivisions, and combined with a corridor that has fine business, shops, and Brookfield Square, which is a very large mall. 
Things have certainly changed over the years, but Brookfield still maintains it's charm and also offers a wonderful and thriving business atmosphere as well.
The homes, the people, the subdivisions, the shopping, it all is superb.
Brookfield, though relatively young as an incorporated municipality, has roots which … (5 comments)

realtor: What are you, or can you, be waiting for? It is a great time to buy a home! - 06/01/08 06:44 AM
It was just a bit ago when someone asked me if I had time to help them with purchasing a home. My reply "I always did have time, and I always will have time. 'What are tou waiting for?' I asked them."
They went on for a bit and I simply replied that interest rates are extremely great, there are a lot of great programs out there, and the selection is superb.

As I sat with the fine folks I explained that if you could afford to purchase a home, and you wanted, or needed a home, then why would … (8 comments)

realtor: The best buy in the City of Waukesha, Wisconsin for the money! - 05/29/08 10:26 AM
426 Fairview Avenue, Waukesha. All remodeled and very attractive. $152,900 This new listing located at 426 Fairview Avenue, in the City of Waukesha has been nicely remodeled, and shows extremely well. Three bedrooms, dining, living room, and best of all is that this home gets lots of natural sunlight to make it bright and cheerful.
Some updates include kitchen, paint, wood floors, and more. Located close to Waukesha Memorial, this home sits on a hiiltop. It is minutes from Retzers Nature center, and moments from the country.

Looking to work with a Broker that wants to make a … (1 comments)

realtor: It's that time of year! Farmers markets in Waukesha County, Wisconsin - 05/26/08 08:45 AM
I think it is an absolute splendor to walk around and shop at farmers markets in Waukesha County. Not only can you find all different kinds of fruits, and vegetables, but you can always find a variety of fresh flowers, honey, and lots of other very interesting things.
Why not take a walk around some of the farmers markets listed below to see what you can find:
Oconomowoc Farmers market: 7 am to noon, Saturdays,May thru October,Fruits, vegeatables, and crafts, 210 E. Pleasant St. Oconomowoc
New Berlin Farmers market: 7-noon, mid May to late October, Saturdays, New Berlin Plaza,West National Avenue … (10 comments)

realtor: Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone. - 05/23/08 09:37 AM
It is that time of year that tarditionally starts off the summer; that being Memorial Day weekend. I wish everyone a safe, happy, and enjoyable Memorial Day. I would also like to acknowledge the many that paid a ultimate price and could not be with us to enjoy this weekend, but they are with us in memory, and we shall never lose track of, or what they have done for us in an unselfish way.
The fact that I can sit in an office and type this blog because someone that does not even know me is out there protecting the … (11 comments)

realtor: Branding myself: My dog Lars always get a acknowledgement; I am not that lucky. - 05/16/08 08:08 AM
Recently, I had a customer ask me how my dog was. Being the person I am I said he was just fine and always turning it on for dog treats.
I had another client tell me that they remember the picture I always use that has Lars and I together in the picture. They made a comment on how nice looking of a dog he was. I get this often. At first I was thinking it was wrong that no one ever remembers what I look like, but they can remember what my dog looks like.
The more I thought about … (24 comments)

realtor: It's 7 P.M.: Do you know where your Realtor is? - 05/15/08 02:21 AM
Recently, I had the wind just about taken out of my sails. I was talking to a Broker that was whining about having to present an offer. After four or five minutes of listening to him I just could not help but look at him and say "Are you nuts?".
The guy has not had a closing in over a month and a half, maybe more, and it was taking away from nothing.
I began to think about the commitment I have to this business. We seriously do have to make hay while the sun shines!
I hope I never get … (18 comments)

realtor: Waukesha County, Wisconsin. A lot of beautiful History: The City of Waukesha - 05/14/08 03:57 AM
Years ago this City was resort City. People would come from miles around just to put their feet in the Fox river, have a mud bath at the Moor Downs mud baths, and the City was renowned for it's natural springs. It was deemed "Spring City"
Resorts were plentiful. There is a large bible college that used to house a famous resort on the corner of Arcadian and Hartwell. One really would have a hard time imagining the beauty that was Frame park. A beautiful park on the Fox river that had outstanding floral gardens, trelleses, ponds with fish, and views that … (5 comments)

realtor: Tom Braatz; Working even harder than a rented mule, but new and improved! - 05/13/08 10:58 AM
Real Estate is an Industry where everyday you have to take a step back and look at the big picture. In the blink of an eye you can lose that important lead. We work in an Industry that involves rigorous time management and technology changes each day.
The concept of being personilized and creating your own niche is paramount, and really, why would we not just be ourselves.
I have been very fortunate to have some of the best customers and clients on Earth. Never under estimate the friendship that can devlop with having such customers and clients, let alone being … (7 comments)

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