shayna weidman: Shayna Goes Retro With Mr. Underwood - 07/13/15 09:55 PM
Shayna Goes Retro With Mr. Underwood
Shayna loves our old Underwood typewriter; she'll sit in front of it and play with the keys. She sits next to it, rests her head on the side and falls asleep.
I'm sure John Thomas Underwood never envisioned his typewriters being used as kitty beds but she gets tired of working on the computer and gives the old guy some love.
If you're thinking of buying or selling a home, Shayna would be very happy to assist you. Just call me, I'll give her the message :).
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Toni Weidman, GRI

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shayna weidman: Oh No, Shayna Is Reading; There’ll Be No Stopping Her Now - 10/05/12 10:59 PM
Oh No, Shayna Is Reading; There’ll Be No Stopping Her Now
Shayna is a very intelligent cat (she's part siamese and she’s very chatty and tells us she is all the time). Now I know how she got that way; she loves to read! I think she may be taking up a new hobby - that’s a cookbook she’s enjoying. Even the headlights are on!

Just think maybe I’ll come home one day to a fully cooked dinner. Dream on!

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shayna weidman: Sitting Pretty on Kitty -The Luxury of Your Own Chair - 11/06/11 04:08 AM
Sitting Pretty on Kitty - The Luxury of Your Own Chair
My friends  Alexandra and Ron Seigel of the Language of Luxury write excellent posts about luxury homes and how to sell them, and about their Abyssinian kitty, Zoe (spelled correctly, Russel). So I thought I would borrow their license to the word luxury for Shayna- my lynx-point.Shayna has her very own chair in our office so she can direct operations and critique blog posts whenever the mood strikes.  She also has her very own kitty to keep her company; you might think she’s abusive but the kitty isn’t a … (29 comments)

shayna weidman: Thankful Thursday - It's Shayna's First Birthday - 07/21/11 04:20 AM
Today is Shayna’s First Birthday and because I'm thankful I have her, I thought I would share her first year with you. Shayna is my assistant: the picture you see on the bottom of my posts. We adopted her the beginning of October from the SPCA Suncoast and she was just about 3 months old then (the center picture was taken the night we brought her home). She was so tiny and now she weighs 12 pounds.     She’s the most lovable, talkative, purry cat we’ve had, and we’ve had many and loved them all. But Shayna is unique: she’s … (19 comments)

shayna weidman: Our Little Captive was rescued from SPCA Suncoast in New Port Richey - 06/04/11 03:19 AM

Since it’s National Adopt-a-cat month (see previous post), I wanted to share our shelter rescue, Shayna, with you. We adopted Shayna from SPCA Suncoast when she was just 3 months old; she weighed in at 4 lbs. Now she’s 11 months old and weighs 11 pounds and still growing. She’s Siamese mix known as Lynx Point: they are mouthy, super intelligent, extremely lovable and will take over the home. What do you expect....she's a cat. When she’s on the screened porch and birds come to the feeder, she talks to them; kind of a yick-yick sound that I think must … (15 comments)

shayna weidman: A Gardenia Encounter - 04/22/11 03:10 AM
I went to a customer’s home last evening to get an offer signed, and as I got out of my car she handed me a beautiful Gardenia blossom that she had just cut for me.
Gorgeous and the scent was heavenly.
However, when I got it home, this is how it went.
Shayna's first experience with a Gardenia

Moving in on it.


Not to Shayna's liking, I think. I still love it. Shayna's just a kitten-maybe she'll develop a liking for it as she matures. Posts you may have missed.
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shayna weidman: Silent Saturday - Except for the Cat's Meow - 03/26/11 04:37 AM
Sasha, our Himalayan who will be 15 in June loves her bankie and sleeps a LOT.

Shayna, who is 8 months old, also has a blanket; but it doesn’t get much use. She wouldn’t dream of missing out on ANYTHNG that is happening--life is just too exciting. Does she look sleepy to you?

Perhaps we should look at life through a kitten’s eyes; and see everything the way they, challenging, exciting!
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shayna weidman: Silent Saturday - but not for Shayna - 02/12/11 02:04 AM
An Eastern Bluebird stopped by today. I wouldn’t have known he was here but Shayna, the watch-cat, told me so. She was sitting on the top of the computer desk, looking out the window, got very excited and started doing her snick-snick speech. That means “bird in the immediate area” in cat-speak. That tired her out as you can see. So, it was back to sleep for her. Join the new Birds Group - Shayna loves it! Posts you may have missed Mezzaluna Pizzeria Restaurant is a great place to eat-New Port Richey-FL Modglin and Associates - Health Insurance Services in … (20 comments)

shayna weidman: Not Another Superbowl-how boring is that - 02/06/11 02:45 AM

Shayna just wants to sleep during the whole Superbowl thing. Craig's shoe is as good a place as any since she's already in it. Hope he doesn't need it. What's the big deal anyway? Just a bunch of weird looking people with funny hats on; screaming and eating!
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shayna weidman: Is New Year's Eve Over Yet? - 01/01/11 12:10 AM
It was Shayna's First New Year's Eve last night!

Happy New Year, Everyone!
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shayna weidman: Yep, World Peace is what we want! - 12/29/10 01:13 AM
Okay, this is a territorial dispute, Sasha on the left just jumped up on my old trunk, Shayna was already up there sleeping. It could mean war.
Sasha is our 14 year old Himalayan and Shayna is our 5 month old Lynx-point Siamese-mix (SPCA alumni). Shayna is wary of Sasha because when we brought Shayna home a few months back, Sasha was so much bigger and hissed so much louder and smacked so much harder!
Now, things are more even, and I think Shayna is on her way to being much bigger but she never spits or hits so we'll … (21 comments)

shayna weidman: Shayna the Kitten - For All My Friends Who Think I Spend All Day on the Computer - 12/16/10 01:55 AM
Shayna the Kitten - For All My Friends Who Think I Spend All Day on the Computer
Shayna, our newest addition-an SPCA Suncoast Alumni- loves playing on the computer. If you'll take a look at the fish on the side of my blog, you'll see where her interests lie at the moment.
So, I have proof positive for all of you who think I spend all day on the computer--it's not me.

 So, I have proof positive for all of you who think I spend all day on the computer--it's not me.
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shayna weidman: Shayna the kitten - Needs a lot of sleep-Her parents do too. - 11/21/10 12:05 AM
Shayna the kitten decided it was time to take a nap. She was up quite a bit during the night playing and having nocturnal adventures, and now needs to make up for it. Unfortunately, her Mom and Dad can't take the time to join her in a daytime nap (which we really need because guess who kept us awake all night?


shayna weidman: It's been a tad cool here for Shayna the kitten in Sunny New Port Richey -Florida! - 11/09/10 04:31 AM
Shayna, our newest family member from the SPCA Suncoast was born in July. All she has seen of the weather so far is hot, hot, hot (and humid, of course).  The last few days; actually since Friday, it has been just a bit cooler. 49⁰ when we wake up and the high yesterday hit 69⁰ here in New Port Richey, Florida. (I think today will be even warmer, more like in the low 70's.)
Shayna wasn't sure how to handle this drastic change but I think she found a way to keep warm. And, she looks good in it too (always a plus).


shayna weidman: Shayna the Kitten has a Close Encounter of the Sandhill Kind in New Port Richey FLorida - 10/25/10 09:58 AM
New Port Richey, FL  As you all know by now, we have a new kitten named Shayna (SPCA Suncoast alumni). She's discovering all kinds of weird and wonderful things. We also have a Sandhill Crane family that includes Mom, Dad and 2 kids that wander around the golfcourse. One day, Shayna and the Sandhills got up close and personal. Maybe it's not only beauty that is in the eye of the beholder?
Shayna: Whoa, what are those really strange creatures? And why are they coming over here?
Shayna: They are so weird looking.

Papa Sandhill Crane: She thinks WE'RE … (14 comments)

shayna weidman: This is your conscience speak.....uh, purring. - 10/22/10 07:34 AM
New Port Richey FL - While I'm slaving away on my computer doing contracts, ActiveRain posts, facebook posts and twitter stuff, you know, all those boring (to a kitten) things that we have to do these days, our new kitten Shayna is feeling neglected. Shayna loves to spend every minute with Mom & Dad and has found a way to be part of our computer world. We each have a computer desk and she has discovered space in each one to hang out. I think maybe she's trying to figure out the best fit, don't you? And, it's obvious to me that … (6 comments)

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