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Bits and pieces of local real estate information in the Billings Montana and surrounding area.
In Billings Montana, we have corn mazes and we have blondes, in fact, both of my partners in my Real Estate company are blondes (enhanced). I'm gonna be sure they get a look at this picture.  Since I am a natural brunette/red head (with the help of my hairdresser), I'm pretty sure I can handle th...
How many homes should a buyer look at in one day?  I get asked that question every now and then, how do you decide?  How many homes should a buyer look at before they make a decision, that's an even bigger question! I try to schedule between 3 to 5 homes in one day, at the most.  It's a bit of a ...
When wasps, hornets and box elder bugs get in the house, my vacuum cleaner becomes my weapon of choice! Every time I open up the door on the south side of my house, it seems a pesky wasp is just hanging out ready to dart into my otherwise humble abode.  It's bad enough that I can't eat outside on...
I've heard, and understood for years that when a home starts out overpriced, it usually either doesn't sell, or it sells for less than what it would have sold for, if priced right to begin with. Did I loose anyone there? This was the REALTOR TALK on our office tour to various homes today.  Our lo...
We all have an emergency bag in our car, at least we should!  I've been finding some interesting things in my bag lately. Every day I usually load my lap top into the back of my Toyota Highlander and off to the right is an emergency bag.  I keep various things in here I might need: winter hat an...
Why are the documents for a deed of trust so long and full of procedures for "what happens if you don't make your house payment" if the procedures aren't even going to be followed?  At least that's the headline news this week, pretty spooky! I'm just pissed that the end of this foreclosure mess i...
My old boyfriends she says!  Too funny! Every Wednesday my partners and I try to tour some of the homes for sale in our Billings Montana area.  This touring excursion usually begins after our office meetings and ends up with lunch somewhere on the town. I always take my camera, because I know I'm...
Is this technology making me more productive or is it sucking the energy out of me? How can something that seems to connect me with people (one of the whole reasons I'm in the Real Estate business) make me so tired? I love the techy stuff, and I'm just a minor player, but working through every li...
Today I had to help a seller understand that just because they correctly filled out their seller's property disclosure, it does not mean that a buyer will make the purchase without requiring a fix to the problems.  Seller Property Disclosure:  the roof leaks.  Buyers response:  the roof needs to ...
The easiest path is to just give up, call it quits and back out of this offer, but after some patient "let's just let this situation cook and see if we can find a solution" I think we may get this done!  We have people in Billings Montana who want to sell, and people who want to buy, my job is to...

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