sue argue: Home Staging, FSBO & How To Choose A Realtor: Adult Ed Class Soon in NH - 09/09/07 06:55 AM
Where can you learn about getting your home ready for sale, how to choose a Realtor, the pros & cons of selling a home without an agent (FSBO)? And receive info about home inspections, listing photographs/featured tours, and Open Houses?
**Where can you go to ask a Realtor, a home stager, a lawyer, a mortgage broker, and a home inspector YOUR questions?**
What:  Selling Your Home in the Near Future?*  An adult ed class.
When: This 2-evening class is offered Sept. 25 & 26th, and Oct. 2 & 3rd from 6:30 - 8:00 PM
Where: Winnacunnet High School, Alumni Drive, Hampton NH 03842
Contact: Director of Student … (2 comments)

sue argue: NH Home Staging: Are You Really Ready To Sell Your Home? - 09/08/07 01:31 PM
This article was written by a professional home stager, my dear friend Karen Otto from Plano, Texas. She is an incredible home stager and writer,  She is a wonderful person, I felt like an old friend the first time I talked with her. I hope you have someone like that in your life.
Karen has given me permission to use a large portion of her article, The Virtual Home Buyer, so that I can help my New Hampshire neighbors who are selling their home now, or in the near future. Here it is:    "As a Professional Home Stager I often tell clients … (5 comments)

sue argue: New Hampshire Getaway for $199,900, 2 miles from Hampton Beach!! - 09/05/07 03:13 AM
This beautiful condo was staged & listing photographs taken by Sue Argue of Staged First Impressions. Thank you Realtor Becky Lufkin of Atrio GMAC Properties for this referral. What a comfortable and affordable place to live or vacation! … (0 comments)

sue argue: Carey & Giampa Realty, Hampton Falls Home For Sale in New Hampshire, MLS # 2657211 - 08/27/07 02:57 PM

This home was photographed by Sue Argue of Staged First Impressions, a New Hampshire home staging company. Sue can be reached at 603-926-2676.


sue argue: A Life Raft for Sellers in This Shallow Pool of Buyers - 08/22/07 04:51 AM
Last week I was invited to visit a wonderful woman named Deanne at her mother's home in Dover, New Hampshire for a home staging consultation. Her Mom had died fairly quickly from an aggressive brain tumor, and it had only been a week since the funeral. Deanne was raw with sadness and understandably nervous about the job of selling this home. Soon she would fly back to her home in the Midwest, and finish the selling process from miles away. She was open to discussing a detailed plan that will help the house to sell faster. And she was smart to … (128 comments)

sue argue: The Secret Option for Builders to Stage a Model Home - 08/19/07 03:31 PM
There was a time when new condos in seacoast New Hampshire couldn't be built fast enough. Our population here in Hampton swells from roughly 20,000 to over 100,000 in the summer months. The winters are long and cold, but plenty of folks like to keep a vacation condo here for the summer months.
But times have changed. Too many condos have been built. Builders that get stuck hanging on to multiple units need to get creative in order to sell.  As a home stager in New Hampshire, I've been asked, "What are my options?"
This model condo pictured below is 2 miles from … (43 comments)

sue argue: Use Staged Photography to Sell Your Home in New Hampshire - 08/01/07 09:07 AM
Staged Photography involves the use of props to enhance a photograph's composition. For real estate listing photography, it is the use of props (colorful accessories that are brought to the home) to compose a beautiful image that will be posted on the MLS to lure buyers in from the Internet.
What if buyers get to the home and see that it doesn't look like the photographs they saw on the web? They will know what potential the home has. So...
What is Staged Photography?
Listing photographs taken after the area is staged and props are added to the space to improve/update its lookImages are … (15 comments)

sue argue: Active Rain's Home Staging Statistics, Realtors, Tell The Public - 07/09/07 04:52 AM
I created this Wufoo web form because people rightfully want to know, does Home Staging really work?
So please Active Rain Realtors, give your feedback. Entries need to be in by July 18, 2007. Results will be posted by July 20, 2007.
*your name & contact info are not required. PLEASE ONLY ONE ENTRY PER USER. Obviously, home stagers cannot respond, unless you are a Realtor that stages your own listings.
If you check "there are no home stagers in my area, I need more info", and sincerely want feedback, please enter your info.

**the more info you give me, … (37 comments)

sue argue: Craig Schiller, Sue Argue & Cindy Lin Meet in Chicago: Home Staging Coast to Coast - 07/04/07 05:40 AM
We ate deep dish spinach pizza in the heart of Chicago, and talked for the first time face to face.  From New Hampshire, Chicago and San Francisco, we came together and shared our backgrounds, our home staging business stories, and our hopes for the future. And ladies, Craig is much more handsome in person.
Craig Schiller treated Sue Argue and Cindy Lin to a guided tour around Chicago, which was fantastic. If you haven't been to this city in a while,'s a friendly, clean and FUN place to visit.
Craig, never wear that hat in Boston, OK? You might get beat up … (24 comments)

sue argue: Does This Look Good or What? - 05/22/07 11:08 PM
It's the Universal Law of Wrappers. The prettier the wrapper, the better we assume it is, and the more money we are willing to pay for it. Great confectioners know that presentation matters when it comes to selling pricey chocolate.

See this chocolate bar with a plain old wrapper? Same old, same old, nothing special. How do I know? I just know. Well, I assume from looking at the cheap wrapper!
Take a look at this chocolate on the left. ...umm...looks like it's homemade with the fancy decoration done by hand. Fancy tin, too.
Probably expensive, but I bet it's worth … (38 comments)

sue argue: What are they Saying in Coos County, New Hampshire? - 04/27/07 07:21 AM
Fellow New Hampshire residents who live up in Coos County, there is a new blogging community. An associate of mine emailed me about this group in her area, and I thought perhaps some Coos County folks at Active Rain might like to network here. Check them out!
Coos Conversations This is a blog for and about Coos County, New Hampshire. Whether you call it your new home, your former home, your second home or just a place you visit, the North Country evokes a unique passion in anyone who knows it. The purpose of this blog is to capture that … (18 comments)

sue argue: What is Considered Household Hazardous Waste?...When is My Town Picking Up HHW? - 04/26/07 04:22 AM
   The following list shows common household items containing potentially hazardous ingredients that might be found in your garage, basement, or other storage space in your home. This information has been provided by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.       
The source of this information below can be found here:
Other Flammable Products
Propane tanks and other compressed gas cylinders Kerosene Home heating oil Diesel fuel
   For NH, your Household Hazardous Waste Pick-Up Day can be found here.  Email me if you have trouble downloading this info.
For my friends outside of … (11 comments)

sue argue: Looking for the Smartest Way to Sell Your Home in New Hampshire? - 04/21/07 10:51 AM
The smartest way to sell your home in New Hampshire:
contact Staged First Impressions, a New Hampshire professional home staging & staged photography company have your home staged prior to listing it to increase appraised valuechoose a real estate agent you can trustkeep your home looking its best after staging

At Staged First Impressions, we're here to help NH homeowners sell their home quickly.

Carey & Giampa Realty, Seacoast New Hampshire Portsmouth NH's "Tree House Toys"My Successes & Failures Are Teaching MeWhat is Staged Photography?Home Sellers, Create Some Excitement and Get Your Home Sold!Sitting On the … (15 comments)

sue argue: Maybe you CAN stage your own home... Take this quiz and find out - 04/13/07 02:18 PM
Can you stage your own home for sale? Take this quiz and see how you do. Be honest with your answers; if you cheat, you may have to reduce your asking price $10,000 or more at the first price reduction!
Can you describe who your buyers will most likely be?  Can you create the style that will appeal to most of these buyers?Can you explain current trends in furniture style and colors? Can you arrange your furniture and accessories to highlight the best selling features in your home?Can you identify the "weaker" features of your home, and use creative problem solving … (34 comments)

sue argue: How to Interview a Home Stager - 03/19/07 01:57 PM
You want to hire a home stager, but you're not sure what questions to ask. Start by asking, can you explain to me what home staging is?
Do you have testimonials from prior home sellers that you've worked with?Can you provide references from Realtors?May I see pictures of your work?Can you teach me how to stage my home?Do you work with homeowners who are trying to sell without an agent, FSBO?   Do you charge by the hour, by the job, square footage, by the price of home?Do you have insurance?Will you work within my budget?Does your staging fee cover the rental of … (17 comments)

sue argue: Photograph with ZOOM...Show it Off, Sell it Faster - 03/16/07 06:45 AM
Is there anything else to add to Active Rain's list of Photography 101 tips? Yes...zoom in on the home's best selling features to show them off.
Cheryl Johnson asks us to look at Architectural Digest for our homework...good advice!
But there is a difference between taking a beautiful photograph of furnishings and capturing what you are trying to sell. Show buyers what they are going to get for their money. They don't get the couch or bedroom sets!
Zoom in closer... to the selling features of the house.
Example picture on left shows a close up of architectural details...hardwood flooring, slight upgrade in baseboard, … (48 comments)

sue argue: Are You Too Busy for Follow up?... For Success? - 03/14/07 01:07 AM
Here's an easy, inexpensive way to follow up with customers and future customers. We know that a hand written note is a great way to market ourselves, but sometimes we need a kick in the rear to actually do it!
Well here it is...the "handwritten" note that you can personalize, add your own images and send...WITHOUT EVEN LICKING THE STAMP. does the work for you, for about $1.39 each, including postage!
set up an account thru Stephanie Whittaker of Ancaster, Ontario. ( in case link doesn't work)why Stephanie? She's the most down to earth, effective telemarketer on this planet, and I want to … (24 comments)

sue argue: WHO IS TLW, and why does she... ROAR?? - 03/09/07 11:27 AM

I want to speak to the Newbies at Active Rain (I'm one too) who aspire to be popular bloggers; well-read, first-page-Google material. How do I know what you might need to hear? Because I have high aspirations for my NH business too, and who doesn't like to be appreciated, here at AR, or in any community, hmmm?  A valuable tip in the Newbie guide to Active Rain...**READ before you begin to blog. 
By studying TLW (The Lovely Wife), aka, Broker Bryant's wife, aka Billie Tutas or Miss Billie, aka ROAR, wink wink, Kum La Ka La … (77 comments)

sue argue: "Best of New Hampshire 2007" - 03/05/07 01:39 PM
Click here to cast your vote for "New Hampshire's Best of 2007". Entries include best restaurants, spas, florists, music venues, cool night spots, favorite jewelers, radio stations and many more. Cast your vote today, or before April 9, 2007. (Unfortunately, NH home stagers are not on the list, or I'd ask you to vote for Sue Argue!!)
"Best Picks of 2007" will be featured in the NH Magazine's June edition. And to celebrate the winners, there is a NH Magazine Best of 2007 Party which will be held in Manchester at the Verizon Wireless Arena … (7 comments)

sue argue: Need Perspective on Photographing a View? - 02/24/07 03:02 PM
Do you know how to photograph a view?  Let’s say the Atlantic Ocean is in your seller’s back yard like many of the homes here in Hampton, NH. Or perhaps your listing has a well manicured back yard.
  If you want to capture the backyard view in your listing photographs, be sure and give the potential buyers a clue as to where you are standing when you snap the shot. I’ve seen many listing photos of a beautiful beach scene near the water, but there’s no indication as to where the photographer is standing. Is this view in the backyard? In … (18 comments)


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