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Beautiful day in Montrose today. We did an open house in the Preserve. Not a lot of people out today looking at houses. Had 2 couples that loved the house but just looking. Here is the property. Nice 3bedroom 2 bath big lot, with bonus room upgrades and custom paint.                              ...
    Professional Real estate people are asking about What does Active Rain do for you. Well here is a true story; the names have been left the same so the innocent are not protected.   I have a client that is moving to Montrose as soon as there house in Arizona sells. We were discussing the steps...
Part One: 5 Reasons for Failure or How to Be more Productive Click the link if your interested in PartOne.         In Part One, I spoke of Ineffective lead generation. Part 2 is Lack of Discipline; could this be a main contributor to Item One? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. “Discipline is the br...
I know that there are many agents that have become involved with Distressed, Foreclosure, and Auction property that are springing up like weeds all across the country. Yesterday CarlaMuss-Jacobs had a really good blog Such a DEAL! . . . Maybe It Really Isn't that was dealing with buying some of t...
One of our Title Companies sends out some really good article links regarding the Real Estate market both on a local and National level. Here are a few links that make good reading. Enjoy.   Major demographic waves to watch for in the new decade.
Well there was a webinar yesterday brought by Wells Fargo. The Speaker was Brian Buffini. It was a very timely discussion on “The 5 Reasons People Fail”. I will be posting a few blogs that will review this webinar as it pertains to today’s Real Estate methods.   These are the ideas that I pulled ...
Well I did the arthroscopic surgery last Wednesday on my knee and everything went really well. The meniscus had a tear and ther was a lot of scar tissue and some trimming to do to set it right. I have been rehabbing well and went for a short walk today, back to the office tomorrow. I am ready to ...
Wow DEM Saints dae be bad dudes. Dem Vikings done made dee to many mistake to go down to da Miami super bowl. Really now what a game. Sure wanted to see Farve get there 1 more time before he calls it a career. Boy he took a beating. What a great competitor. Notice my prediction so far 2 for 2. Bo...
Here we go the playoffs start in 10 minutes and it is now time to give the official Montrose Colorado predictions. These have absolutly no basis or understanding, gaming insighit or accumualation of data to give any substantial credibility to.   Indy 27  jets 10   New Orleans 38 Minnesota 34 Ther...
So you want to go skiing in Colorado. I am sure you have heard of Vail and the glitz of Aspen, but let me ask you this. Have you been to Telluride lately? They have been getting dumped on, 18inches just yesterday. Check out this image from a porch on the mountain. Now you may have heard about all...

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