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Are you a renter caught in the foreclosure mess?  Did you pay your rent only to be evicted? 

You better believe there are laws to protect the landlords if you don't pay your rent.  So, I ask you, where are the laws to protect the renter from the landlord not paying the mortgage?  Where are the laws stating that the new owner must honor the lease after foreclosure?

DEMAND it be put in your lease that the owner will provide proof the house is being paid in a timely manner.  Add to your lease that the lease is NOT subordinate to the mortgage loan.  Cross out any language you see stating that it is.

Demand your money goes to a title company or escrow agent.  don't trust the owner. 

The owners deamd these things of you!!!  Credit checks (for every adult), doggie deposit, clean the carpets, no wear and tear, do the hokie pokie and turn yourself around.

Are you tired of it?  We need to protect landlords from shady renters and we need to protect renters from landlords who just take their money and run......putting the renters out on the street.  I have news for you honey....the banks are not working this out.  Ten days, get out.  That is what we are hearing in Loudoun, over and over.  Renters don't get a trial date (the virginia landlord tenant act says they get a trial date but they have been ignoring that and just giving them ten days to get out.

DEMAND cogress make changes that will protect renters (who paid their rent on time and took proper care of the property).   I don't want to hear about bad renters....we know they are out there and that is not what I am writing about.

I want to start a petition. 200,000 renters were evicted last year due to no fault of their own.  If you were evicted due to your landlords foreclosure please send me your name, the address of the foreclosure, the date and the date you were ordered out.  Did you lose your deposit?  How much did it cost to move?  Did iyou have to take time off work?  Tell me your story.  I'll send you a petition to sign and send back.  

We need  laws that are not just one-sided.  Who was the good old boy that decided a lease should end at foreclosure?  Huh?






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