Do you really even use office space?

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We are all young professionals as the blog says.  How many of us actually use an office for a majority of the day. 

Aren't we out in the field all day, grabbing a latte with a client, meeting at the home and writing the offer and signing on a tablet PC, or pre-writing the offer at home on the laptopa dn bringing it with us.  How about those of us that bring a porable printer with us to print when someone likes the home on the spot. 

So if we are not in the office outside of the staff meeting and to pick up a commission check, why do we pay our brokers high splits, and desk fees? 

The Swanpooles report and Inman magazine all state that we are moving away from brick and mortar Real Estate to a virtual type of company.  If that is the case and you see the writing on the wall, I have got the company for you.

I work for Connect Realty and manage one of the Sacramento CA teams.  We are totally virtual and Connect does not operate a local office in Sacramento.  What they do is give us freedom to do business as we like.  They offer a very nice split 80/20, and $77 per deal for E and O.  No other fees per transaction.  The only other fee they have is our $29.95/mo tech fee which includes transaction point, showcase listings, free virtual tours and an IDX site that has my information on every page of my personal site, so anyone who finds my site always knows who I am.   Add on top of that, virtual training from our corporate site and we have the best technology out there in my opinion 

Now here is the best part about Connect.  Anyone who refers another agent to Connect gets 5% of that agents commission, paid directly from the company.  Not profit sharing, gross commission override. 

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