Additional Co-op Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

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This is a follow up to our previous article on co-op pitfalls...

Always confirm with the management company the specific form they require for the documentation to be in.  Do not assume that faxed documents,,copies or form letters are acceptable. 

We have a situation where the buyer's professional and personal recommendations were being rejected by the management company because similar wording was used on both. Also the letters were typed and not handwritten.  This was done because the buyers are not fluent in English and had their daughter type out the recommendations for their work supervisors and personal friends to sign.  Each recommendation had the person's full name address work title and telephone number on it so it would have been easy just to call  them and confirm the authenicity of the recommendation letters.

Unfortunately we were delayed almost 2 weeks until handwritten recommendation letters were obtained again and forwarded to the management company.  We are hoping there are no more surprises as we move onto month FIVE since contract signing. 

Wishing our friends and neighbors all the best....

Bonnie and David  

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