Paperwork...and more paperwork

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When you as a client are putting in an offer or looking over offers on your property, you will eventually need to initial and sign 5-6 ORIGINALs of the now accepted contract to purchase... Nowadays, many agents and mortgage companies may want to do shortcuts, and say that faxed copies are good enough, and under certain conditions, and if the commission rules allow it, a signed fax copy may have to be used. But if at all possible demand, and make agents keep in the habit of getting 5-6 signed ORIGINALS so that your Agent will have one for you and any other party to the RE transaction, that may request one, or need it... Just checkout the FHA and VA Addendums, and what does page two say....'original'.... Checkout my website, Steve McCurdy Brass Lantern Realty 252-349-3743

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