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Here I sit contemplating the real estate business.  It has not been bad,  It has been challenging.  The challenges I face everyday here in Fort Worth Texas are probably the same as all of you face everyday.  The business is out there but finding it is tough.  Even if you can find it the financing is tougher.  I really wish the lending world would decide on the rules and quit changing them in mid stream.  I certaiinly do not think we should go back to the way it was and give loans to any one that had a pulse and could fabricate income.  In fact I do not think we should of ever been allowed to do that, but it happened and now good people that are deserving of a loan can not seem to get them many times.  that is very frustrating to them adn to the agents working with those buyers.  I have always maintained that if you tell me the rules I can play by them. 

i have seen good markets, bad markets and great markets.  I have never seen a real estate market that is in such a state of flux as this market. 

I think it is getting better.  We just have to do a better job of staying on top of the changes.  We as agants for our clients must stay current on the lending rules and the changes they are going through.  We must stay current on the market conditions of the area in which we practice real estate.  It is our duty to educate our sellers about the market.  It is our duty to educate our buyers about the market and if you work with firdt time buyers it is our duty to educate them about the advantages and the disadvantages of owning their own home.

We also have a responsibility to get involved with our sssociations and raise the professionalism of all of the agents in the real estate business.  We have to educate the public we come in contact with about the market and we have to get involved politically and educate our elected officials about the real estate business.

I almost forgot my own mantra for a few minutes but

Keep it positive in 2009