Top 10 Real Estate and Mortgage Marketing Blog Posts of the Month - June 2009

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This is the very first installment of a new blog series I am starting.  As an avid blog reader I may come across some interesting articles that the Active Rain community could benefit from, so I will be sharing them here.  Hopefully you find these useful.

  • Web Appeal - It's the New Curb Appeal - I have actually found a lot of really interesting articles over at the Zillow Blog lately. As you might have guessed by the title; this one discusses the selling power of Web 2.0 when used to promote your real estate listings.


  • "I'll Hold Myself Accountable" - The Beginning of the End - There has been a big movement over at the Mortgage Marketing Blog about a code of ethics, or a revolution in the embattled mortgage industry. This article is right on target with this theme; discussing how we can use friends/professionals that we respect and trust in our industry to hold us accountable for our actions; both on an ethical level and a production level.
  • Mortgage Revolution

  • The Case For Twitter - Really good article on how to use Twitter for ‘social prospecting'. Chris Johnson gives a couple of real-life samples of folks on Twitter simply begging for the help of a professional in their market. He uses to search for those people who he may be able to help.Follow Top of Mind on Twitter




  • Use Reciprocity to Boost Your Business! - Now is a great time for mortgage professionals to start storing up ‘favors' from real estate agents by helping them grow their business; Steve Tyler shows you how.


  • Five Ways to Manage Your Reputation Online - Spencer Rascoff gives some really good advice on managing your reputation online - I especially like the one about "if you wouldn't say it in person, don't say it online (even if you are anonymous).




  • How to Get Off the Boom-Bust Roller Coaster - This is a great post about modeling your business around referrals to mute the effects of the boom-bust cycle of the mortgage industry. Who wouldn't want to create a referral tree with 72 branches based on a single transaction?

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