Real Estate Broker/Owner with Accelerated Real Estate Schools

Accredited Real Estate Schools offers Licensing courses and renewal courses w/ online exams.



Required Courses:  Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice,  and you can choose your third class.

Call: 800-721-0710  for Transcript  information  ie, Business law or General accounting from College...

  • What is the time frame to complete the Salesperson Required courses?  The quickest time you can complete each course is 18 days per course consecutivley, which means after 54 days if you finished each course exam and received your certificates of copletion  you can apply for the state exam. Maximum time the school gives you to complet the course (s) is 1 tear.
  • How are exams administered?  Required Course Exams are  100 questions online and timed to 3 hrs each exam  you must coplete the exam at one sitting. Note each exam is open-book.
  • What is Exam Preparation?   This is materias and toolsl that focuses on the State Exam to help you PASS.
  • What is the cost to apply for the  salesperson state exam?  $60.00
  • What is the cost for a salesperson license after I pass the state exam?  $245.00 every 4 years


Broker FAQ's

  • There are  a total of 8 courses you must have , 5  Required Coureses and 3  Elective Courses (Required courses are: Real Estate Practice, Legal Aspects of Real Estate, Real Estate Economics, Real Estate finance, and  Real Estate Appraisal.  You can choose your 3 electives . Call 800-721-0710  to talk to a counslor to help guide you.


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