"The Agent With The Scrambled Brains"!

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Main Line

Awhile back , we were dealing with an Agent who must have been a recent Lobotomy recipient. She forgot everything we told her and everything she told us. We were in the middle of negotiations and she was in "The Twilight Zone" mode. I remained Professional, (Lord have Mercy!), and told her from that point everything we agreed to would be in writing. We would talk, then I would follow with an e-mail for her confirmation.

It has since become part of our business practice. In negotiations, we talk to the other Agent, then whoever is making the Counter puts it in an e-mail. That way we're on the same page and have a record of what was said. It's also helpful to the Buyer or Seller to be able to refer to it later if necessary.

Talk to you later. Oh, and, "Selling homes, you gotta love it"!

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