3rd Party Advocates Guide to Modifying Loans

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Our 3rd Party Advocate's Guide to Modifying Loans blows away every other "Do It Yourself" manual available on the web. Learn how to process a successful loan modification request from the very people who have years of hands on experience with the lenders.

OMG's new 3rd Party Advocates Guide to Modifying Loans will be available for purchase October 30th.

The guide covers the in's and out's of processing a successful Loan Modification request. Including:

* Pre-qualifying a prospective client on the ...spot

* How to specifically deal with the banks

* The Making Homes Affordable program; using it to your advantage

* How to properly fill out a financial statement

* When to have a Forensic Loan Audit completed

* Processing a self-employed homeowner

* Which lenders require what

AND MORE Click the above facebook link to reserve a copy.

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