Seattle Washington Neighborhood Series-Ballard, a taste of Norway

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Your Seattle Washington Home Search is simply not complete without a tour of a wonderful community called Ballard. Ballard consists of multiple micro markets such as Loyal Heights, Crown Hill, Sunset Hill, North Beach and Whittier Heights to name a few that, in themselves, are some of the most diverse neighborhoods for history and uniqueness you will find in Seattle, WA.

Ballard's history is rich in Scandinavian lore with hard working folks deeply proud of their Norwegian Heritage. You can see that throughout parts of this wonderful community particularly in the business district where shop owners proudly display the flags of their Scandinavian Countries. On May 17th this community comes together to celebrate Norwegian Day, or Syttendi Mai to commemorate the signing of the Norwegian Constitution.

Ballard Homes are as diverse as their communities. From simply hip roof construction, affectionately referred to as 'war boxes' because of their popularity with the GI's coming back from WWII to the very popular Cape Cod Style homes pictured here unique with the garage under the house that is prevalent throughout Ballard.

Ballard is also populated by pockets of Multi-family zoned neighborhoods where many of the older, more dilapidated homes have been replaced with newly constructed Townhomes.   

Ballard nieghborhoods that are more affluent include Blue Ridge, Olympic Manor and Sunset Hill with most homes in these neighborhoods enjoying beautiful views. The variety of homes and construction styles in these neighborhood spans from the Old Brick and wood framed Tudor Style Homes 







to New Construction Craftsman Style McMansions with about everything in between.

All that aside, what you really see here is the peace and harmony of a community that is both rich in tradition and steeped in their Scandinavian roots.

So, when you're starting your Seattle Homes Search, don't forget'll be glad you stopped by for a visit. 

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Beth Andrewes
Lopez Island, WA

I LOVE Ballard and hope to have an apartment home there in the next 5 years.  You look like you are representing the neighborhood in fine style.


Beth Andrewes

Windermere Lopez

Jun 18, 2010 03:38 PM