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Mortgage and Lending with Choice Finance Corporation

When shopping for a loan, you need to ask yourself what it is that you are shopping for. 

Are you shopping for the lowest rate and lowest cost?

Are you looking for a professional that may not be the least expensive, but earns every bit of his/her fee?

Is there value in working with a local mortgage broker, as opposed to a huge internet company?

If you want the lowest rate and cost, all you have to do is get a good faith estimate from a broker and send it to another broker. The 2nd broker will send you an estimate beating the 1st broker. At that point you send the 2nd brokers estimate to a 3rd broker. You continue this process until you find a broker that cannot beat the previous brokers rate and cost. 

After all of the "shopping" you will likely end up working with someone that values your business, but does not see the value that they provide. That is not someone that I would want to do business with.

Here is my "value proposition" to you:

Why me?

I will offer you my best rate, upfront; you will not have to play games shopping your loan all over the internet. Will someone be able to beat my estimate by $20? Probably.  Will they be able to offer the commitment to service that I do? Not a chance! 

Why Choice Finance?

Choice Finance is a LOCAL mortgage broker. We have been serving the DC metro area since 1996. Our reputation within the community is top notch, Please check out our testimonials page.  We are big enough to offer all the services of our internet competition, but small enough (or smart enough) to realize that it is your referrals that keep our lights on.

Why Now?

It is extremely likely that we are nearing the end of sub 5% interest rates. The Fed will end it's mortgage backed security (MBS)  purchase program in Feburary. I fully expect MBS investors to start to bail on these securities at the beginning of 2010 in anticipation of the Fed pulling out of the market. NOW is the time to refinance. If you are looking to purchase your first home, you can receive your $8,000 first time homebuyer tax credit when you file your 2009 taxes. NOW is the time

In summary, I will offer you my lowest rate, lowest cost and world class service upfront. I will earn a commission. EARN being the key word. I value the service that I offer. Your mortgage is typically the biggest transaction of your life, you should value my service as well

Contact Josh Burley today to  get preapproved for your home purchase. 

Work with a LOCAL mortgage lender that you can trust. Choice Finance has been serving the DC Metro area since 1996

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