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Sun City Model Homes in Georgetown TX: The current model homes have been recently renamed. They tell me this is to conform to the rest of the country and other Sun City Communities. Here's a list of the recent name changes:

Model                                              Series                       Square Feet 

Gray Mist (Meade)                              Villa                         1393

Pine Spring (Breckenridge)                  Villa                         1465

Copper Ridge (Pickett)                       Classic                     1553

Surry Crest (Jackson)                         Classic                     1702

Vernon Hill (Longstreet)                     Classic                     1896

Bluffton Cottage (Barringer)                Estate                      2112

Cumberland Hall (Perberton)              Estate                      2452

Morningside Lane (Sheridan)              Estate                      2603

Not Available (Chamberlain)               Estate                      2848

Resale Homes: Today there are 141 re-sale homes listied for sale in the local MLS. They are priced between $119K for a 980 SF home and up to $700K for a 3,129 SF home. Quite a range with something for eveyone.

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