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Have you ever tried doing something nice just "because"? What was the reaction you received?  Don't most people want something in return for good deeds? 

Well, in my real estate business this happens a lot.  Sometimes I will try helping someone not expecting a return at that moment.  Like sharing information on loan modifications (I don't get paid a dime for helping clients with this), or sharing information on how to deal with creditors while going through a short sale. Sometimes it is just spending time with someone and listening to the situation they are going through with a sympathetic ear. 

This is a really tough lesson in life.  To give without expecting anything back.  Give because that is who you are.  Give because that is a part of your purpose here on the planet. 

I truly do believe we live in a global community and each action we take (or don't take) does have an effect on our lives, our community, and the world around us. 

Today, take a moment and think about what action you can contribute to the purpose of your life.  Give and don't expect a darn thing back.  Don't tell a soul.  What happens?  Maybe nothing.  But maybe something unexpected might happen too.  Maybe you will be able to connect not only with your inner self but greater self as well.  You might just find it in the face of a stranger or a very close friend or family member.  None the less you are creating a world that strives to be just a little bit happier and better for that one moment.  And isn't that what its all about anyway?

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Susan Manning


Ed Gillespie
WealthWise Mortgage Planning, a Division of American Pacific Mortgage Corporation NMLS #1850 - Folsom, CA

Great post Susan!  The benfit of giving is not always tangible but rewarding.  Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement!

Feb 03, 2010 04:45 AM
Susan Manning
Realty Executives - Temecula, CA

Thank you sir!!  Of course I forgot to mention that if I can earn my customer's referral business I appreciate that!  :)

Feb 03, 2010 05:02 AM