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California now has the highest total number of foreclosures in the nation and ranks fourth for the highest foreclosure rate. RealtyTrac reported that foreclosures in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Santa Ana totaled an overwhelming 175,810 during 2009. If you are at risk of losing your home, it may not be too late to get help. HomeStart offers quality loan modification services with no upfront fees. Start new, not over with Homestart!

Now more than ever, lenders are willing to renegotiate the loan terms. Not only do lenders save more money by modifying a loan than foreclosing on a property, but President Obama’s new Homeowner and Stability Plan (HASP) further incentivizes lenders to offer loan modifications. These loan modifications entail permanent adjustments to the loan terms that can allow homeowners to maintain their mortgage payments and keep their homes. HomeStart will determine if you qualify for a loan modification and get the process started with no upfront fees.

Why choose HomeStart?

In addition to having an A+ grade from the BBB, HomeStart is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE). The DRE established certain policies for its members regarding the capability of performing home loan modifications. The DRE thoroughly assesses a firm before allowing it to become a member, which demonstrates the legitimacy of HomeStart.

Here is an example of a recent loan modification performed by HomeStart:

Property in California
Total monthly savings of $1,132.38/month 

  • Primary Residence:
    Loan amount of $298,819 with an interest rate of 5.875% and monthly mortgage payments of $2,445.30. 
  • Modified to:
    Interest Rate of 3.875% and new monthly mortgage payments of $1,312.92 fixed for 5 years; final interest rate of 5.375% and $1,481.94 monthly payments.

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