Farming Data

Title Insurance with Stewart Title of California

Data can be provided from the basics of Name, address, city, state and zip for mailing purposes.  Along with this site or mailing address, we can provide bedroom, bathroom, garage, stories, year purchased.  The data can get quite complicated with assessor parcel number, Thomas brothers map and grid, use code and more depending what type of farming you're looking at doing.  Lenders maybe interested in whether or not the property has a fixed rate or variable rate loan, what the loan amount was when they purchased the property.  Some may want to know the lender name to communicate directly to the lender rather than the homeowner.
The point is that there is over 55 fields of data that we can print in a report format or provide you in formats you can use such as labels or the data that can be imported into your favorite program to better automate the process of mailing to your farm area.

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