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I appreciate everyones ideas on what to talk about today in my BPW group.  I decided to post here what I talked about; since it was my first time talking with everyone at large, I decided to tell them about who I am and how I got into the real estate business.  I also added some statistics on the impact women have on the real estate market.  I enjoy posting blogs on active-rain and it's only fair I let everyone on here know a little about me also. 



I started out by passing out medicine containers with M&M's in them with this label on it.   M&M (Melissa Merriman) GET IT?  LOL

Since this is my first time talking to everyone here, I want to start out by introducing myself and giving a little background of who I am.  I am Melissa Merriman, Realtor for Prudential Preferred Realtyin Greensburg PA.  I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelors degree in Psychology and Spanish.  After working at a group home for several years, I realized this was not the field for me.  Actually the whole Psychology thing was not for me, especially since most the people I know have more problems than money.  Hence not being able to afford my psycho-analysis!!  And since I have no immediate desire to move out of Western Pennsylvania my Spanish has no little to no value considering there is a lack of a Spanish speaking population in this area.  As a matter of fact we actually have our own language around here native to Pittsburgh PA affectionately known as Pittsburghese.

Example: If yinz come to Picksburgh, from da Sahside to Sliberty, yinz'll  find Picksburghers speaking just like this. Make sure you catch a Stillers game when yinz are in tahn.

(The above part was humor for active-rainers was not used in Speech today)

I got into real estate two years ago.  I purchased my first home at 22 and was sitting up late one night watching infomercials.  There was a big segment on Carleton Sheets and those infomercials are so persuasive.   I got the great idea to get into buying and flipping homes, so I bought the Carleton Sheets program and was convinced I was going to be a millionaire within the year.  My goal was to buy 10 rental properties over the next 5 years.  I vigorously began searching the web for great income generating properties using my work sheets Carlton provided.  I became obsessed and was driving my Realtor crazy!  I'm sure he didn't take me seriously, but he continued to show me places.  carleton sheetsReal cost about $395.00

(Does anyone return this stuff???  NOOOO!!!!  Call me SUCKER!)

As I'd fill out my profit worksheets another brilliant idea came to me.  If I got my real estate license I could make more money flipping homes and wouldn't have have someone show me homes.  So that week I enrolled in Polley and Associates to begin my courses.  I had no intentions of selling real estate when I started out.  I wanted to be the savvy home flipper.  Never even worrying that I had no extra cash laying around nor did I have any construction experience.   I had to hang my license somewhere in order for my license to be valid so I interviewed at various places.  I decided to go with Prudential because they had a lot to offer me and the environment felt very professional vs the other offices I had interviewed at.  The classes were fascinating to me and with each minute I spent in class the more I wanted to sell real estate.  I loved hearing field stories and I knew I would do well in real estate.  From that point on  I couldn't wait to sell a house.  

My first week at Prudential was pretty exiting for me.  I was asked to sit an open house for a fellow agent.  I was ecstatic.  I was so proud that an agent had given me so much responsibility.   I didn't realize at the time I was doing her a huge favor.  Now I know how agents beg for people to sit opens.  

The house was listed for $350,000.00 which made me more thrilled I had exactly how much commission I would make figured out and spent already before I ever set foot throught the door.  I was very naive.  OPEN HOUSE

 I still remember the nervousness I had , I knew nothing about the house, and I couldn't stop sweating.  I waited and waited and nobody came my open house was from 1-3 and it was already 2:30.  Just then a family came through.  They had been to an open house there months before and loved it.  I was convinced they were going to buy it, but in all my anxiety I was too nervous to have them sign in.  OH NO!  MY NAME WASN'T ON THE SIGN.  FOR SURE THEY WERE GOING TO CALL THE OTHER AGENT.  I WAS HORRIFIED!  AGAIN I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT REAL ESTATE AT THAT POINT.  Well as it turns out that evening they called me and  that evening I got my chance to write my first offer on a $350,000.00 home and from there was just the start.  My first year in Real estate I did 4.4 million in sales I received the Platinum level Award for Westmoreland Realtors Association which is the highest level and I received several other local awards for sales.  My biggest accomplishment ;however; was the title of ROOKIE OF THE YEAR for Prudential Preferred Realty.  This award went to a new agent >18 months with the highest gross commissions for that calender year.  You only ever get one chance at this award.  I also made the Honour Society for Prudential which places me in the top 12% of Prudential Real estate agents nationally.

I have been truly fortunate to find a career that brings me so much success and pleasure.

Unfortunately Real Estate is not as easy as I just made is Sound.    It is an uphill battle that starts all over again every time I close a deal.   I am constantly revamping my market approach and marketing myself to find new buyers and sellers.   PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS AS ME THINKING REAL ESTATE IS FOR EVERYONE!!  I WORKED BY HIND END OFF.

I have to say one of the highlights my job offereS is the ability to make my own hours.  I hear people say that and I laugh... Really Loud!!!  And then Louder!!LAUGHING

If I had that machine, You know the one that makes hours.  I'd be rich..  I mean that's the only explanation I could think that phrase means because I certainly don't have a luxurious amount of free time.  As a matter of fact I am litterly at clients beck and call.  They say be there and I say where!  But that's just a perk of my job!!  : )

FYI on the investing and flipping.  I sold my previous home after living there for 2 years for $40,000.00 more than I paid.  I built a home which I am currently living in and bought another flip home which I am currently working on.  I will let you know how that turns out!



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Kim Murphy
Draper and Kramer - Lombard, IL
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Melissa, I think you did a great job!  And your not the only sucker buying Carlton's stuff!  Now I look at some of it and wonder what the heck was I thinking?
Jul 19, 2007 04:49 PM
Melissa Schnieders
Melissa Schnieders Photography - Wichita, KS
Melissa - I love the M&M idea - I may have to change my last name to copy that LOL.
Jul 19, 2007 04:55 PM