RainCamp Las Vegas - A Gamble Worth Taking

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I'm excited about this one!!!!

Original content by Brad Andersohn

RainCamp Las Vegas - The Highest "Payout" Odds in Nevada!

RainCamp™ Las Vegas is confirmed for April 1st, 2010.  This is NOT an April Fool, but it is a great opportunity to get away for the weekend, enjoy mixing some business with pleasure, and be one of our guests in the Ballroom Theater at UNLV.  What happens in Vegas, won't stay in Vegas this time, you'll be able to bring home what you learn, along with everything else that happens, and begin applying it immediately to your Social Media and Marketing Business Plan. 

Lot's of our friends and members are coming this year to "soak" up the "rain" and they're coming from all over.  Why?  Because it's Vegas baby, and who'd want to miss out on that?  Register for a seat, book your flight, get a room, bring your suitcase and Vegas dining attire, throw in your laptop, cellphone, some aspirin, and a couple extra bucks for site seeing and for some extra curricular activities, and COME ON DOWN!!!

We're going to make an entire weekend of fun out of it, throw in a RainCamp™, have an awesome AR Gathering after, and we want you ALL to come be part of it.  We'd love to see all 175,000 members show up at this one. There's no good excuses, you deserve it, so come help us make this the Best ActiveRain Gathering of all time.  It will be more fun than one person should be allowed to have, I promise!  :-)


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 Student Union, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 4505 Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89154

Maps: Student Union is building #31 on the Parking Map and #30 on the Campus Map. 
Maps can be accessed on the UNLV website:  


I've heard "What Happens In Vegas...Stays on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and ActiveRain!" lol~


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