Aurora 25 years later

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Over the past 25 years Aurora's population has nearly doubled, with a growth rate of 5,700 residents added per year. In 1982 Aurora's population was 177,088 and in 2006 it was 306,908.  District 1 has 117,107, District 2 has 80,648 and district 3 has 109153. In addition to population the land mass has grown as well. Aurora has grown from 147 square miles in 2005 to 159 square miles in 2006. District 1 size is 18 district 2 is 91 district 3 is 50 (square miles). Stats provided by the Aurora Police Department 2006 Annual Public Safety Report.

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Leon Austin
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Susan, I can attest to that. The first time I visited Aurora was back in 1979. It was such a small town back then. It amazes me how much it has grown since then. I considered moving there, but chose Colorado Springs instead.


Jul 21, 2007 02:47 AM