"I Don't Get No Respect" (continued)

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"I don't get no respect". That's what Rodney Dangerfield said. "I don't get no respect either". That's what a lot of Realtors say, too!

Previously, I wrote:

One (probaby central) reason for the public's disdain could be that working with a Realtor is like having a one night stand.  Realtors sell the most expensive item a person will ever buy, and then leave them with the largest bill they will ever have. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am/sir.

It's hard enough being a Realtor - essentially a one person business. No matter how large the network, each agent competes with all the others. Very few businesses exist as a one man show, let alone can be successful.

All the more difficult when that one man/woman "don't get no respect", right?

Unless you are oblivious or thick-skinned, getting no respect is not a good thing. So, why not burnish up the "ole" image and make extra money at the same time. 

Can you think of anything you can do that would reflect esteem upon yourself as a Realtor and also provide additional income? What could you provide your clients that would:

  • be something they need
  • add income to your bottom line
  • be easy to sell
  • give you respect and differentiate you from the pack
  • provide financial security

That's a tough question, isn't it? You probably wouldn't know where to begin.

Then again, why waste time thinking of something like this when all you really want to do is attract clients? And that, my friend, is precisely why you need to do this: it positions you as the "go-to" agent because you provide so much more than just real estate.

Plus, you'll have a lot more to talk about at cocktail parties.

Realtors can easily do this (and make additional money) by showing clients the TGIF system of financial security. It's a 4-step system using timing, guaranteed investment performance, insurance, and a financial plan.

How difficult is this? No more difficult than adding a small image onto an email. You can learn about the TGIF system on this VIDEO.

To learn how to make money at it, you can PM me. I'll show you how to earn more money AND respect. Oh, and you'll be providing clients access to one of the largest financial service firms in the world - the only financial firm in the top 10 on the 2009 Fortune 500 Global companies.

That gets respect.

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