Get A FREE Google Business Directory Listing While Helping Local Families and Pets

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Get A FREE Google Business Directory Listing by Helping Local Families and Pets

As many of you may know I am a big fan on The Law of Attraction and Napoleon Hill.

This material and information for me has been invaluable to creating a successful
business and helping me surround myself with some great clients and co-workers.

A new book and audio tape I have listened to now dozens of times is
"Cracking the Millionaire Code", which is also awesome and talks about
aligning your business with "Higher Power" "God" or whatever floats
your boat so to speak.

The main premise of "Cracking the Millionaire Code" is to use your business 
and skills to help others and do good in your community etc....

The next phase of my business marketing and packages will all include
a portion of our proceeds being donated to local charities.

I am also encouraging other real estate agents around the country to think
about donating $100 or $200 for every home sold to a
charity of their choice for every home sold be it the Make a Wish Foundation,
Feeding America or the local Humane Society.

I have a couple of agents who now donate a small amount to the charity
in the name of the home buyer (or seller) for every sale and one agent
has also gone so far as to offer to pay "ANY AND ALL ADOPTION FEES for

She has found that animal lovers are coming to do business with her
because they want to do business with someone who shares their
same interests. She has successfully seperated herslef from hundreds
of other agents and now is connecting with potential clients on a heart level.

These types of charity contributions show how you care about your community
and also shows that people can join in this effort by doing business with you.

Be creative and give back and watch your business grow!!!!!!!

With that being said I am offering a FREE GOOGLE BUSINESS DIRECTORY SET UP
for anyone who makes a minimum $25 contribution to

1. Feeding America - this charity helps feed Americans around the country
and has a list of food banks where you can also make food donations

2. The Humane Society
The humane society tries to help homeless animals find homes.

The normal cost of setting up Google Business Directory Listings ranges from
$99 to $199 depending on the company.

By making a donation to one of these charities you can get
a FREE Google Business Directory Listing Set Up and help
hungry people and/or homeless pets get needed funding to operate!

Times are changing and I think that many agents and business owners
like myself realize that there is more to life than just making money.

Helping others and our communities is something where we can
work together and help make a difference.

No one knows the pains that families and homeless pets are feeling more
than real estate agents
who see abandoned pets in foreclosed homes and
see and here the stories of families losing everything.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, which I hope you do
then cut and paste and email me the receipt from your donation
and I will have the Google Business Directory Listing set up and
activated within 5 working days or less.

There are no re-ccuring costs and the the business directory
provides free traffic reports and brings another great inbound link
to our website from Google which is good for SEO.

For more information on Google Business Directory listings
watch my video I did for a friend at Dig Marketing:

If you have questions or need help with getting more traffic
or leads from your real estate website call me at

I highly recommend that anyone looking to run an enlightened
business read "Cracking the Millionaire Code" written
by Mark Victor Hansen (from Chicken Soup for the Soul)
and Robert G. Allen.

I listen to the audios of the book which I like better and I have been
listening to them non stop over and over for the last 2 months....I love them! 

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