Spring Brings Lots of New Homes to Pleasant Valley in Georgetown, Texas

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Spring Brings Lots of New Homes to Pleasant Valley in Georgetown, Texas

Pleasant Valley is located on the southern edge of Georgetown, Texas.  It is situated along FM1460 just north of Inner Loop Road and the Rabbit Hollow Subdivision.  For many years this area sat as unused farmland.  But, a few years ago a developer and his partners purchased the property and tied it into the original phase of the Pleasant Valley neighborhood.  Their goal....great new homes on spacious lots!

About the time that the developer was placing the utilities and other infrastructure necessary for new home construction my wife and I were in the process of selling our condominium in Austin, Texas.  You see, we own property in Jarrell, Texas and our plan was to rent in Georgetown, Texas for one year while we built our Dream Home on our Jarrell property.  That's when we were introduced to the Pleasant Valley Community

Working off a tip from the folks that own the property across the street from our tract of land in Jarrell, we were directed to Pleasant Valley.  Our mission was to meet with a daycare provider that lived on the last street in the neighborhood, Bluebonnet Valley Drive.  After that meeting we drove to the end of Pleasant Valley Drive and discovered a wonderful little place called Community Montessori School.  On our way out of the community we stumbled upon a house for rent!  We called the agent and he was able to meet us that day.  In the span of 45 minutes we had found day care for our son, a school for him when her turned 18 months and a home to live in ..... all in Pleasant Valley.

Our dream to build in Jarrell was coming together in a circuitous manner by way of Georgetown.  But, little did we know that our one year plan to get to Jarrell was in jeopardy.  The first time we drove into the Pleasant Valley neighborhood we got a feeling.  It was one of those hard to describe feelings but, a feeling nonetheless that all was right in the neighborhood.  We rented there happily for 2 years and then realized that the Pleasant Valley was the right place for our small but growing family.

So, we scrapped the plan to build in Jarrell (for now) and built a different dream home on one of the new lots in the new section of Pleasant Valley.  This spring has brought lots of new activity.  Many new homes are being built to order for a wide variety of families.  The homes are built on wide, deep lots and for the money they come "well equipped".  Each evening the neighbors gather in the street to catch up while their children happily. 

As a home inspector, I have been fortunate to get the chance to inspect many of the new homes that are popping up in Pleasant Valley.  In a professional setting and as a buyer in this neighborhood I've gotten to know the builders very well.  I can personally and professionally attest to the quality of the workmanship put into these homes and the quality of life provided by living in this community.

If you are looking to buy or build a new home in Georgetown, do yourself a favor and check out your options in Pleasant Valley.  We did and couldn't be happier with that decision.

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Not a real person
San Diego, CA

I could definitely see myself living on Bluebonnet Valley Drive in Pleasant Valley in the Rabbit Hollow Subdivision. There's just something so pleasant sounding in all of that!

Apr 10, 2010 09:29 PM