Copperopolis and Lake Tulloch History Part 2

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Many visitors have never heard of The Copperopolis Civil War Cannon and may wonder how it came to Copperopolis.  the cannon is a 6 pound made of bronze metal. the serial number is 731 which was stamped on it by the maker Cyrus Alger and Company.  The cannon was purchased by the Copperopolis Blues which was a military company made up of  volunteer miners.   There have been many reported incidents of people trying to "steal" the cannon.  It was orginaly placed at the Armory which still stands on main street in Copperopolis.  History tells stories of a junk dealer during WW1 who tried to take it away only to be stopped by William Vickery, a local resident of the Copperopolis Blues Union Guard.  It was taken again a few years later and made it almost to Milton but was returned and guarded nightly by Mr Vickery.  In 1936 it was moved to underneith the old post office.  During the Depression error scrap iron men tried a second time to steal the cannon, but it was safely placed at the school grounds.   In 1989 the cannon was once more removed as the new school buildings were under construction and was placed in storage.  Years later the cannon once more came back to Copperopolis and is presently enshrined at the school.  If you would like to visit the Cannon just look for the flag pole in front of the school on Main Street.  It is really remarkable that this bit of Copperopolis history still remains today and the locals continue to work hard to protect it.  The Lake Tulloch area has many wonderfuly preserved historical sites so check back again for the next Copperopolis and Lake Tulloch History Blog.

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