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Currently we need a Realtor to be able to assist prospective home buyers that have recently contacted us. These people need assistance in purchasing homes as soon as possible, and we need a Realtor to contact me back. I know that Enterprise is attracting a lot of home buyers, and these people have been contacting like every single day.

What I can tell you is all of these people have interest in relocating to Enterprise, but need more specific demographic and real estate information. All of these people have indicated they need assistance with relocation and/or with a possible home purchase.

Kindly call us at (800) 900-2807 to learn how we can bring you 10 - 25 potential home buyers every month for the Enterprise, Alabama area. Or visit www.PurchaseExclusiveLeads.com for more information.

We only need 1 aggressive buyers agent to work with these people. Contact mus back, as once we find the perfect Realtor, the spot will be filled. These are EXCLUSIVE home buyers!

Enterprise, Alabama Home Buyer Leads

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