"For Sale By Owner" Are you Sure Its Right For You in Saratoga Springs NY?

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"For Sale By Owner" Are You Sure its Right For You in Saratoga Springs NY?

Homeowners often consider trying to list their home For Sale By Owner rather than listing with an agent.  This is a fair question to ask yourself before selling your home as many feel they can manage the process of selling their home while saving on commission with a real estate agent. 

For Sale By Owner Sign the Myths about Selling your Home on Your Own


Things You Should Consider Before Selling Your Home For Sale By Owner 

Qualifying a Buyer most For Sale By Owners do not know how to properly pre-qualify a buyer.  Agents make it a priority before the buyer even looks at the house the buyer must be properly pre-qualified.

Can you properly handle the objections a buyer will make?  As an agent it is part of their job to know how to handle these questions.

Can you properly identify a buyers needs and wants?  It can be hard to understand the buyers intent while selling your home For Sale By Owner.  

Selling your home is a very emotional time especially when selling it For Sale By Owner.  Are you prepared to hear all the criticisms a buyer has about your home?  Something you have put your heart into customizing.

How are you going to price your home as a For Sale By Owner?  A real estate agent can guide you through this process easily with gathering information such as comps in the area, analyzing home trends, and making suggestions that can help you sell your home faster.  

For Sale by Owner Hardships

Potential buyers are using the internet to search for homes in the area.  Real Estate Agents can manage the exposure online.  It is hard to get noticed on Craigs List as you can only technically post once a month and with the high amount of listings on Craigs List many people do not scroll down.    It is easy to be missed online while selling your home For Sale By Owner.

Statistics have shown sellers who list with an agent over For Sale by Owner have sold their home 20% faster.  It is important to know the pros and cons of selling your home For Sale By Owner.  

If you have any questions please contact me at 518-618-8636.  I would be happy to help you through all of your real estate needs.  Don't let selling your home be stressful.  



"For Sale By Owner" Are You Sure its Right For You in Saratoga Springs NY?

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