The First Impression Can Make A Difference When Selling Your Home

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More great tips for sellers from Tampa, FL Realtor Sherry Laursen of Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate.  Thanks for sharing Sherry!

Original content by Sherry Laursen


  Did you know that statistics show that within the first 15 seconds of seeing your home,  a buyer has already developed some sort of an opinion.

 That's why the FIRST IMPRESSION is so critical.   These are a few suggestions to make sure the outside of your home passes that First Impression test.

* Make sure the street and sidewalk area in front of your home is free of litter & debris and remove any    weeds growing between cracks in the sidewalk, sweep the area, if needed. (Week old newspaper and an old phone book in the yard is a no-mo).

* If your mailbox looks old and worn out, maybe its time to replace or paint it. It lets the buyer know that you care about even minor details.

* Check your outdoor lights/lamps, if they appear to be rusted, new ones may be needed.

* How's your driveway look? If its stained/dirty, consider a power wash.

* Make sure your windows are clean on the inside and outside. ( That great view doesn't look so nice out of a dirty window).

* The roof is a very important aspect of your home. Make sure you replace any missing or broken shingles or tiles. Paint eaves and fascia boards. If the roof is old and needs replaced, consider replacing it before putting your home on the market.

* One of the first things a buyer sees when they pull up to your home is your lawn. Be sure to keep your lawn watered (of course adhere to local water restrictions) and mowed and sod if needed. Neatly trimmed shrubs are also essential. Its also always nice to see a added touch with flowers or greenery as long as its not overboard.

* Since everyone will definitely be seeing your doorway, make sure the door is clean and painted if necessary. Replace the hardware if its old or tarnished. And make sure the lock works. ( I don't know how many times I've went to open the door and the key gets stuck or jammed or you have to pull the door this way or that way to get it to work).

   The First Impression is critical and can make a huge difference in whether you get an offer or even a showing on your home and what price that offer may be. Even the minor details can show that you take care of your home. Take the time to stand back and really look at how the outside of your home may look to a potential buyer. Or have a friend that's not afraid to look at your home and give you their honest opinion.  

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